Japan’s prefectures presented in poster exhibition at National Art Museum


Tourist attractions of Japan can be discovered at a poster exhibition mounted at the National Art Museum of Moldova. The posters created by the prefectures of Japan present the less known sights of each prefecture and the festive events organized in the specific seasonal beauty, said the Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Moldova Yamada Yoichiro, being quoted by IPN.

The diplomat stated that in 2023, all the prefectural governors in Japan received a letter with the request to send their representative posters and 42 prefectures responded to the request. As a result, starting from last May and until this February, the Embassy of Japan carried out a campaign entitled “Discover the Prefectures of Japan” on its Facebook page, where it showed to the Moldovans different parts of Japan through these posters and a brief description of each prefecture.

The posters will be exhibited weekly at the National Art Museum in a seasonal thematic manner, as it follows: February 27 – March 3 – spring; March 5-10 – summer; March 12-17 – autumn; March 19-24 – winter. From March 26 to March 31, non-seasonal posters will be presented. Next to each poster, visitors can find a QR-code with a link to the Facebook post where they can read the prefecture’s explanation. The ambassador expressed his hope that the visual images will increase the Moldovans’ interest in Japan and attract more visitors. “Japan is a safe country with good people, tasty food, unique culture and relaxing hot springs,” noted Yamada Yoichiro.

Minister of Culture Sergiu Prodan said that this exhibition enables to discover the prefectures of Japan, noting that the exhibits present the tourist attractiveness of Japan to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. “Culture, environment, nature are the tools through which we get to know each other and get closer. I’m sure that following this exhibition, the number of citizens of the Republic of Moldova who will want to visit Japan will increase,” stated the minister. “The connection between our peoples is the most important thing and only after the people get to know each other through culture, economic successes, lasting relations and forward movement in the official relations of our countries are possible.”

National Art Museum director general Tudor Zbârnea said the exhibition “Discover the Prefectures of Japan” is important because it brings to the fore the Japanese culture, the Japanese space with the cities represented by these posters and in this way we can get to know nature with all its characteristics. The fact that the exhibition will be presented in stages, for five weeks, through various seasons and places in Japan is wonderful as the visitors will be able to know Japan through these images, using also the new technologies, the QR-code and they will see verbatim what each image, each prefecture tells about.