Ion Chicu about “Avia Invest”: We consider it didn’t fulfill obligations


The Public Property Agency has issued a notification to SRL “Avia Invest”, which is the concessionaire of the Chisinau International Airport, concerning the contract for the concession of the airport, as Avia Invest didn’t fulfill the contractual obligations, Prime Minister Ion Chicu stated in a news conference on July 10, IPN reports.

Premier Chicu said “Avia Invest” didn’t honor the obligation to erect concession facilities neither at the first investment stage nor at the second stage and didn’t provide the guarantee of execution of the contract to the value of €1 million.

“There are clauses in the concession contract that clearly stipulate the possibility of terminating the contact when the company does not fulfill its obligations. We consider it didn’t fulfill its obligations and, respectably submitted a notification to SRL “Avia Invest” over the termination of the contract,” stated the official.

SRL “Avia Invest” has 180 days to decide the next steps. According to Ion Chicu, “Avia Invest” can recognize the fact that it didn’t fulfill the obligations and transfer back the assets, as the contract provides, or can go to court.