Igor Grosu: Governmental team will fully consist of PAS representatives


Parliament will come together for a sitting on August 5 to vote in the governmental team and the government program proposed by Prim Minister designate Natalia Gavrilița, Speaker Igor Grosu announced. According to him, the government program of the new Cabinet is actually the electoral program of the Party of Action and Solidarity, while the governmental team will not include members of other parties, IPN reports.

Even if in accordance with the law, the Premier designate has 15 days to form the governmental team and to design the governmental program for asking a vote of confidence from Parliament, the Speaker said this will happen much faster.

“Natalia Gavrilița will present the program, the governmental team on August 2, as she stated. Until Wednesday, there will be held public consultations on the program with trade unions, employers, the business community. The program and the list will be submitted to Parliament on Wednesday and the Standing Bureau will be convoked to arrange an extraordinary session. We aim to have a Government next Thursday,” Igor Grosu stated in the talk show “Moldova live” on the public TV channel Moldova 1.

The acting president of PAS said the party is ready to cooperate with professionals from other parties, but the posts of ministers will be filled strictly by members and sympathizers of PAS.

“The government program is based our electoral program, on the promises we made in the campaign. In the Cabinet, we will have persons who asserted themselves outside the country, who gained experience there and accepted our invitation. These will be persons representing PAS, with clear affiliation. When we invited persons from extraparliamentary parties to join in, we meant contribution to governance, not service as part of the Cabinet. The governmental team will fully consist of our representatives,” stated Grosu.

As a result of consultations between President Maia Sandu and parliamentary groups, PAS vice president Natalia Gavrilița was nominated for premiership. In accordance with the law, the Government is invested by the votes of at least 51 MPs. PAS has 63 seats of MP.