Government of Italy introduces new COVID-19 restrictive measures


The provisions that ban entry into Italy to persons who had visited or transited the Republic of Moldova during the past 14 days remain in force. Those who will provide confirmation for such reasons as work, absolute emergency, health, studies and return home are an exception. On arrival to Italy, they will complete and present an own responsibility statement by which they will pledge to self-isolate for 14 days, IPN reports, quoting Moldova’s Embassy in Italy.

Until February 15, 2021, the ban on trips between regions and autonomous provinces will be valid all over Italy, except for trips motivated by work, emergency situations or health. It is also banned going out between 10pm and 5am. Visits to relatives or friends will be permitted between 5am and 10pm once a day for at most two persons (except for minors younger than 14, persons with disabilities or persons from the same locality) and only within the same region for the yellow zone or within the same commune/city for orange or red zones. Trips within the same locality will be permitted between 5am and 10pm, and also outside localities with fewer than 5,000 residents, on an area of 30 km, without being able to go to province capitals.

There was also established the so-called “white” zone – regions where the number of infections during three consecutive weeks will be under 50 cases per 100,000 people. In the “white” zone, restrictive measures applying to yellow, orange and red zones will not be used, but all the activities will be held according to protocols.

The new restrictive measures are valid from January 16 until March 5, 2021. About 200,000 Moldovan citizens reportedly work in Italy.