First maibank meetup: the voice of the customer and digital banking experience taken to the next level


Banking digitalization and creating simple and easy, intuitive and convenient experiences in the maibank mobile app are just a few of maib's goals aimed to be one click away from customers, wherever and whenever they are.

To create even more rewarding banking experiences, maib held the maibank meetup, an event dedicated to the mobile banking app, listening to the voice of customers and discussing what matters to them, as well as pulling back the curtain to tell the story of why certain things were developed in a specific way.

The event brought together customers interested in the workings and evolution of maibank, who registered for the meetup and attended subjected to availability. Everyone was able to provide feedback on their own experience of using maib services, functionality in the mobile app that they appreciate or would like to be differently, digital banking functionality they would like to see developed in the app as a priority, etc.

The event's value also consisted of the face-to-face discussions of the mobile app development team, who answered customers' questions and listened to their feedback, appreciation and some criticisms of the mobile app.

Insights from the two hours of discussion during the maibank meetup will be turned into an action plan with the double motivation to develop new, intuitive and smart services and functionalities in the mobile app that meet customer expectations and improve the experience of the more than 600 000 maib customers using the maibank mobile app.

Maib team expresses its gratitude to maibank meetup participants for their constructive feedback and active involvement in improving the mobile app.

You drive. maib

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