Fines of thousands of lei for unauthorized waste dumps


In the absence of correct waste management, new waste dumps appear outside allowed places and these dumps pollute the water and land and cause inconveniences to the population, the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment said in a response to IPN signed by secretary of state Maxim Popov.

During the autumn and spring cleanup campaigns last year, 4,300 unauthorized dumps were discovered. There were made over 1,000 reports and imposed fines totaling almost 900,000 lei. Of this sum, slightly over 400,000 lei was paid.
Currently, most of the mayor’s offices properly organize cleanup activities and have waste collection and disposal services. But the waste recycling rate is still reduced. Many of the recyclable materials are stored together with non-recyclable ones and a large part of their useful potential is lost.

Under the waste management strategy in the Republic of Moldova for 2013-2027, a unitary street cleanup program will be implemented to contribute to reducing the quantities of waste stored on streets by designing an appropriate system for treating each type of waste so as to protect the environment.

“We work with foreign donors that offer us technical assistance to develop the regulation for implementing Article 17 of the Waste Law, concerning the incineration and co-incineration of waste. We have three more normative documents to work out,” said Svetlana Bolocan, head of the Waste and Chemical Substances Management Policy Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment.