Design competition for symbol of Moldovan leu


The National Bank of Moldova has announced a design competition for the symbol of the Moldovan leu on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the introduction of the national currency. The contest is open to students and professionals in graphic design and encourages creative representation of the currency, IPN reports.

“For any independent state, the appearance of the national currency is an important historical moment. For the Republic of Moldova, this was a first step towards market economy, towards economic reforms - the first expressions of an independent monetary policy. Today the Moldovan leu is a strong currency in the region and the National Bank has the necessary experience to ensure resilience and to maintain the banking sector stable and reliable,” said the central bank’s governor Octavian Armașu.

The contest aims to highlight the historical importance of the Moldovan leu and enables experienced or beginner plastic artists to put to good use their creative force in the symbolical representation of the Moldovan leu.

The contest will run until May 1, 2024 and its results will be made public on June 4, 2024, on the Bank Worker’s Day. The most original works will be chosen by a commission that will consist of representatives of the National Bank of Moldova, the National Heraldry Commission or specialists from the fields of culture, history, science. At most five winners will be chosen and will be awarded the silver commemorative and jubilee coin “Country brand “Life Tree”, issued by the central bank.

Those willing to take part in the contest will send the design projects and documents showing that studies in the requested field were conducted, with the notice “Design competition for symbol of Moldovan leu”, and other necessary information to concurs@bnm.md. The conditions of participation in the contest are stipulated in the procedure for organizing the contest.