Bomb hoaxes at Supreme Court of Justice and Botanica Court


The employees and visitors of the Botanica Court and the Supreme Court of Justice were evacuated from the buildings after the institutions were informed by email about the planting of explosive devices there.

Contacted by IPN for details, press officer of the Chisinau Police Division Natalia Stati said that all the specialized services were on the scene immediately and, as the procedure requires, all the employees and visitors were evacuated from the two buildings. No suspect objects or explosive devices were found as a result of searches.

Natalia Stati said the police are taking measures to identify the author of the hoaxes. This faces a fine of at most 42,500 lei or 180 to 240 hours of community service or a maximum jail term of two years for intentional misleading about an act of terrorism.

More than 50 bomb scares were announced in Moldova on Tuesday and all of them turned out to be hoaxes. Among the targets of bomb hoaxes were the Parliament Building, the Government Building, courts of law, mayor’s offices, hospitals, subdivisions of the Public Services Agency and the Chisinau International Airport. The Prosecutor’s Office took legal action over the given hoaxes.