Anatol Țăranu: Prices have increased, but distrust in government has increased more


People’s distrust has increased greatly and the image of the government is being eroded, thinks the political commentator Anatol Țăranu. However, he notes that while the ruling party is in decline, there seem to be no solid alternatives on the Moldovan political right to ensure the continuity of the European vector.

Commentator Anatol Țăranu says that the government’s reputation suffers because of multiple scandals. One example is the return of Andrei Spînu to the Government.

“The first monumental blunder of PAS, for which it will pay dearly for a long time, involves Andrei Spînu. I don’t know whether or not he actually did what he is accused of. In politics it doesn’t really matter. His reputation is injurious. Again, he may be as innocent as a lamb, but his political image looks otherwise. Public opinion is ignored, in western democracies this would be unacceptable. This undermines the credibility of the government and erodes its reputation. It’s true, prices have gone up a lot, but distrust in government has gone up even more. I may or may not sympathize with PAS, but I wonder what will happen to our European integration. If they lose the elections, given that beside PAS almost nothing has cropped up on the pro-European segment, then the pro-European orientation is in peril”, said Anatol Țăranu during a TVR Moldova program.

Another panelist, Vlad Kulminski, of the Strategic Initiative Institute, stressed that preserving the European vector should be the government’s main concern.

“European integration transcends personal ambitions. If this time too we lose the desire for European integration, Moldova will become an extremely chaotic country. We lost a moment of this kind in 2012-2014, when instead of moving forward on European integration, a power-sharing deal was pursued. It is clear that in 2025 we will not have a majority government, it will be an alliance and there will be many topics that must be thought about rationally”, said Vlad Kulminski.