Anatol Țăranu: Anticorruption Tribunal should change system


The Anticorruption Tribunal should work from winter and should significantly contribute to the justice sector reform, said political commentator Anatol Țăranu, referring to the Speaker’s assertion that discussions on the creation of an anticorruption court start this week. According to the pundit, the government realized late the necessity of founding an extraordinary institution that would ensure celerity in the examination of cases of grand corruption, IPN reports.

Under the concept concerning the creation of an anticorruption institution, the court will have up to 15 judges chosen at a contest by the Supreme Council of Magistracy and will be named, including by transfer, by the President of the Republic of Moldova. The judges of the anticorruption court will be appointed for a five-year term, will have salaries of up to 45,000 lei and will benefit from state guard on request and from company apartments, in the case of those who are not from Chisinau. The Speaker said that the establishment of an anticorruption court will be discussed on the parliamentary platform starting with this week.

“I think the government leaders are sincerely attached to the idea of the justice sector reform. The problem is they don’t really know what should be done. Discussions on the creation of the Anticorruption Tribunal begin this week. We, those from civil society, have spoken about such a court for about two years. Only now the government realized that it should resort to the services of an extraordinary body that will make respectful the main promoters of the guild of jurists who oppose the reform. A cudgel is needed to tell those who try to delay the process not to do this or they will be harshly punished. This tribunal is created to break the resistance of the forces that are hostile to the reform from inside the system,” Anatol Țăranu stated in the program “Reflection Points” on Vocea Basarabiei channel.

According to the political commentator, the government should hurry with the creation of the anticorruption court so as to ensure the continuation of the justice sector reform and the clearing of the system of corrupt elements.

“The Anticorruption Tribunal should change the system. The issue has been discussed for two years. Two years were already lost. It’s good that the legislative body is ready to create the legal basis. The technical aspects related to the functioning of this tribunal will take several more months to be agreed. But several months are not several years. We hope that the tribunal will start work in winter and this will mean that those who oppose the reform will feel the changes on their skin,” said Anatol Țăranu.

He also said that the anticorruption court will deal with all the cases handled by the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office and all the challenges referring to documents issued by the National Integrity Authority, including applications to confiscate unjustified property.