Anatol Țăranu about future Government: A lot of expertise and not much institutional memory


Without a solid governmental background, but with a lot of knowledge in consultancy. This is how political commentator Anatol Țăranu described the governmental team proposed by Natalia Gavrilița. The analyst noted the new governmental team was constituted according to such criteria as integrity and loyalty to the objectives set by President Maia Sandu. The representatives of the ruling party admit that the future Cabinet members resonate with the ideas and values promoted by PAS, IPN reports.

Anatol Țăranu voiced hope that the new Cabinet will manage to promote a new model of government in the Republic of Moldova, even if the team members do not have much experience of work in public institutions.

“A lot of expertise and not much institutional memory. The experience is a problem in this Government. Many of the members of the future Government so not have a solid governmental background. There are a lot of new names, young people who are not burdened by the habits of the former governments. Let’s hope they will bring a breath of fresh air in what governance in the Republic of Moldova means,” Anatol Țăranu stated in the program “Expertise Hour” on JurnalTV channel.

According to Țăranu, President Maia Sandu had a say in the formation of the new governmental team.

“The government program is very large and this means the people are competent and have ambitions. The persons were also selected through the agency of the presidential administration. The integrity was the main criterion. They are definitely loyal to President Maia Sandu and this principle was also used when this Government was formed,” stated Anatol Țăranu.

The representatives of PAS admit that the governmental team was created of people who share the party’s ideas and have the same views about the country’s development and modernization.

“The people, when they create a team, abide by the same values, principles and objectives as they will work together in the Government. These are persons with whom we cooperated in time, from whose expertise we benefited and whom we know. Only four members of the governmental team are PAS members or hold a public post in the party. The rest are persons who are not affiliated to the party,” said PAS vice president Dan Perciun.

The Government proposed by Natalia Gavrilița consists of 13 ministries, as opposed to nine ministries until now.