92% of students were involved in distance learning, minister


The education sector was taken by surprise by the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the imposed restrictions, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research drafted a number of documents to ensure distance learning. The collected data show that 92% of the students were involved in this process, IPN reports.

In a news conference on April 1, Minister of Education Igor Sharov said he sees no problem if the so-called vacation is extended until May 30, but this is up to the Commission for Exceptional Situations. The classes will be anyway taught, even if not fully. The situation is more difficult in the case of the ninth and twelfth graders who are to take exams and to apply to study further. The Ministry will examine a number of scenarios and will choose the most suitable one.

In another development, the minister called on the teachers not to give too much homework to the students in the period and urged the managers of education institutions not to exert pressure on teachers.

As regards the provision of children from disadvantaged families with Internet and equipment for distance learning, Igor Sharov said discussions on the issue are being held with the development partners and companies working in the field.

Asked about the remuneration for teachers, the minister said they will ask that the education system employees should be paid the salaries in full.