49 MPs presented copies of vaccine certificate to Secretariat


Forty-nine Members of Parliament of the Republic of Moldova got a vaccine. At least so many MPs submitted copies of the vaccine certificate to the Parliament’s Secretariat, Speaker Igor Grosu announced on September 16, being quoted by IPN.

“I asked the Secretariat to present information about the number of MPs who presented vaccine certificates. I ask the leaders of the parliamentary groups .. PAS: only 41 of 57 presented such certificates, BCS: 8 of 32, Șor group: zero of 7. I ask you to submit copies of the vaccine certificate to the Secretariat in the nearest future,” requested Igor Grosu.

The leader of BCS group Zinaida Grechanyi inquired if the unvaccinated MPs will have access to the plenary sittings. The Speaker said he wants to know the number of vaccinated MPs and discussions will be held with the rest to persuade them to get a vaccine.