President of National Olympic Committee accused of intimidation and violation of law

The candidate for the post of president of the National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOS) Ivan Gheorgiu accuses the current president of the Committee Nicolae Juravschi of intimidation and violation of the law. “An attempt to exert pressure on people who are not loyal to Mister Juravschi will be made tomorrow. Some of the members who do not agree with what is going on in the Committee can be suspended,” Ivan Gheorghiu, ex-secretary of state for youth and sport at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Resort, told a news conference.

According to Ivan Gheorghiu, when the election to choose the Committee’s president set for September 20, 2020 was put off owing to the high number of infections, Nicolae Juravschi actually thought not about the health of Committee members, but about how to keep the post, to keep the schemes of corruption and the possibility of selling accreditation, of financing particular favorite federations, of defying and exerting pressure on particular sports federations.

Ivan Gheorghiu also said that at the end of last September, Nicolae Juravschi could analyze the file he presented for competing for the post of CNOS president and could see what federations fielded him, but these federations are not loyal to Juravschi.

As a candidate for CNOS president, Ivan Gheorghiu asked Nicolae Juravschi, who runs for a new term, why he didn’t accept a confrontation to present development programs and views for public opinion to analyze them. “Nicolae Juravschi wants to defy these elections trying to remain the only person who runs and to get a new term at any cost.”

In reply, CNOS president Nicolae Juravschi stated for IPN that what Ivan Gheorghiu said is nonsense. Together with his supporters, this appealed the decisions of the CNOS Executive Committee in court and lost the case.   

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