Position of founder and majority creditor of “Central House” SRL

“Central House” SRL was founded by Vitalie Perciun who is also the majority creditor of the company, said lawyer Raisa Morozan, who represents the interests of the latter. According to her, the insolvency administrator Veaceslav Timotin and the lawyers named by him pretend to be defenders of “Central House”, but they don’t mention the schemes by which they entered the company’s administration and the illegalities as a result of which they were appointed and the people who they actually represent.

In a news conference at IPN, Raisa Morozan said they decided to react to the statements made on January 18 by the alleged defenders-lawyers of “Central House” SRL”, who present the circumstances fragmentarily and in a distorted way . ““Central House” SRL is represented by Vitalie Perciun and his associate from Azerbaijan who built and have managed the commercial areas of “Central House” SRL. We didn’t hire such persons as Iosip Andrei, Veaceslav Timotin, Alexandru Zmeu and Adriana Crețu to represent the interests of “Central House” SRL”,” stated the lawyer.

“These persons were named as a result of the illegal actions of “Ubicuit Grup”, which was an associate of “Central House”, but this was excluded as an associate and was obliged to restore the holding to Vitalie Perciun, by the decision of the Centru branch of the Chisinau City Court of July 3, 2020. This company, “Ubicuit Grup” didn’t contribute anything to the business of “Central House”. Moreover, it didn’t pay for the holding bought from Vitalie Perciun. Behind “Ubicuit Grup”, as I mentioned earlier, are persons who founded and have managed “Gările Auto Moderne” SRL since 2014, with the involvement of representatives of the administration of the state-owned company “Gările și Stațiile Auto”– director Vladislav Zara, current director of the Public Property Agency, and vice director Iurie Morozan, current director of “Gările Auto Moderne” SRL.”

Raisa Morozan noted that persons, who want to take over the business that does not belong to them, try to manipulate public opinion. Adriana Crețu was named at the request of the administrator who was replaced illegally at the Public Property Agency headed by Veaceslav Zara. Veaceslav Timotin was named insolvency administrator of “Central House” at the request of Adriana Crețu. “Accidentally or not, but the spouses of these two insolvency administrators are members of the SCM and Adriana Crețu’s husband Ion Crețu and Veaceslav Timotin manage also the insolvency procedure at “Cariera Micăuți” SA and in both of the cases the involved lawyer is Andrei Iosip,” said the lawyer.

She also said that the alleged defenders of “Central House” say only the truth that suits them without presenting the general picture. It’s true that Vitalie Perciun filed the introductory insolvency application, but they do not say that Vitalie Perciun filed it for the restructuring procedure, not for bankruptcy to which things are taken. “Furthermore, Vitalie Perciun, under Article 14, paragraph 3, of the Insolvency Law, was obliged to submit such an application. The introductory application was also filed because of bailiff Adrian Plămădeală, who represented the interests of “Gărilor Auto” and who appropriated the money of “Central House” from the account instead of paying taxes to the State Tax Service, which rose daily,” explained the lawyer.

Raisa Morozan noted it is not true that damage was caused to the majority creditors “Gările Auto Moderne” SRL and ÎS “Gările și Stațiile Auto”. Vitalie Perciun is the majority creditor. There is the expert appraisal of the National Legal Expertise Center, which confirms that “Central House” SRL made an overpayment of almost 9.5 million lei and the company does not have debts to “Gările Auto Moderne” SRL and ÎS “Gările și Stațiile Auto”.

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