Pavel Filip: We were today in front of a choice between something bad and very bad

The leader of the Democratic Party Pavel Filip said that what happened in Parliament today was the climax of an absurd, cynical and hypocritical show. The choice today would have been between something “bad” and something “very bad”. The country needs a good or bad government, but the chance to vote in an executive was missed and it is clear who is to blame for this, IPN reports.

In a press briefing held after the government program proposed by candidate for Premier Igor Grosu could not be discussed because a quorum was not present in the Parliament’s assembly hall, Pavel Filip said the situation in the country is serious, but nothing is done to deal with it. “It is “very bad” that people die, we have an outgoing executive that does not hear people’s demands and there is a dangerous, toxic alliance that continues to pull the strings and to take decisions and adopt dangerous laws,” stated the Democratic leader.

According to him, it is “bad” that a party with 15 MPs wants to assume governance and play the “we want the vote – we do not want the vote” game. “These acts are overlooked because “they are European and are ours”. It is hard to say what the real intentions of this exercise were, but it seems that the PAS and the presidential administration did their best for this Government not to be voted in. The goal was to gain about ten more seats of MP, but these seats will cost a lot and will be calculated based on COVID-19 statistics,” he said.

Pavel Filip noted that the people remain hostage to a foolish war between two politicians one of whom does not know how to lose, while the other one does not know how to win.

A lack of quorum was ascertained in Parliament after the MPs of the Party of Socialists and the For Moldova platform, which includes the MPs of the Shor Party, left the assembly hall. They said they do not want to take part in the examination of the government program and the Cabinet proposed by candidate for Prime Minister Igor Grosu. Speaker Zinaida Grechanyi said the subject concerning the voting in of the Grosu Government is considered dealt with. This is the second attempt to vote in the Government. Under the law, after it Parliament is dissolved and snap parliamentary elections are called.

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