PAS MP: There are now no military risks to Moldova’ security

There are no military risks to the Republic of Moldova’s security for now, assured PAS MP Doina Gherman. She called on the people to remain calm and to inform themselves only from official sources. Political commentators said that even if the military risks to Moldova’s security diminished, there are risks that the internal situation will be destabilized, IPN reports.

Political commentator Ion Tăbîrță said that Russia will not give up gaining political control in Moldova and this can happen through energy, economic pressure and through the agency of pro-Russian payers existing on the internal political arena.

“Last autumn, we witnessed the scenario of destabilization and worsening of the sociopolitical situation following the rise in energy prices and the activation of pro-Russian influence factors in our country. They failed then. It’s hard for me to believe that the Russian Federation renounced these intentions. We will yet see what scenarios are applied. The military scenario seems less probable now as Russia has problems in Ukraine and suffered military losses compared with the situation at the start of the war. The scenario of a land junction between the Russian army that invaded Ukraine and that from the Transnistrian region is now unlikely, but this does not mean that Russia will give up gaining politic control in the Republic of Moldova. The fifth column is present,” Ion Tăbârță stated in the program “Shadow Cabinet” on JurnalTV channel.

The head of the Parliament’s commission on foreign policy and European integration Doina Gherman said the information about eventual provocations in the Transnistrian region, which was made public by Russia’s Ministry of Defense on Thursday, wasn’t confirmed and Moldova is now not exposed to military risks.

“We urge the citizens to remain calm. The authorities of the Republic of Moldova haven’t confirmed the information made public by the Russian Ministry of Defense. We cooperate permanently and discuss with the foreign partners. Therefore, we call on the citizens to trust the authorities. From morning till evening, we see aggressive Russian disinformation and propaganda that increases daily. We are in a hybrid war and this is not a secret for anyone. The Russian Federation has done this for 30 years, fueling separatism and destabilization attempts. There are no military risks as long as Ukraine resists,” said PAS MP Doina Gherman.

Ex-MP Iurie Reniță said the Republic a Moldova should profit from the increased attention devoted to it by the foreign partners and should strengthen its defense capabilities and the country can renounce the status of neutrality when its security is under threat.

“There are no obstacles to signing military agreements with Romania, Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic states. Neutrality is a Russian version for dominating the Republic of Moldova,” stated Iurie Reniță.

“The equipping of our service members by the foreign partners would be welcome. An army is functional if it is mobile, which is it has military vehicles, Hummers. We need TABs that would substitute those of the Soviet times. We need to be realistic as these are nothing but scarp iron. The fact that the National Army’s TABs now move or can be started does not mean that they can go on a military march of 20-50 km as the theater of war implies such actions,” noted the former member of the Joint Control Commission Eduard Bumbac.

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