PAS MP: Now that Government provides country with energy, political discussions started

The contract for the purchase of electrical energy from the Kuchurgan power plant in exchange for the amount of gas supplied by Gazprom and the contracts for the purchase of power at market prices should be part of a criminal case, said Socialist MP Vasile Bolea. According to him, the energy crisis was crated artificially and the government form the start should have reached a consensus with Tiraspol and bought energy from MGRES. For their part, representatives of the government said the agreement with the self-styled Transnistrian administration is advantageous and provides the country with electricity at a lower price, IPN reports.

According to representatives of the opposition, the contract for the purchase of electrical energy signed with MGRES is advantageous, but the decision to concede the whole amount of gas supplied by Gazprom generates doubts. Socialist MP Vasile Bolea said the representatives of the government should answer before the law for the way in which they manage the energy crisis.

“This contract and the contracts for the purchase of electrical energy from the market at the price of US$400 per MW are documents that need to be added to a criminal case that is to be started in the future, even in ten years, against decision makers that this way mock the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. What was the necessity of keeping the citizens under continuous stress when they didn’t known if they would have electricity that is paid by the same citizens? They first spoiled the relations with Tiraspol and then started to look for energy on the European market. Then the electricity charges soared and later they reached the conclusion that the two banks of the Nistru cannot survive separately,” MP of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists Vasile Bolea stated in the program “Freedom with Dorin Galben” on TV8 channel.

Energy expert Victor Parlicov said the Moldovan constitutional authorities conceded too much to Tiraspol by offering to the left side of the Nistru the whole amount of gas supplied by Gazporm.

“The volume of 5.7 million cubic meters of gas a day represents 176 million cubic meters of gas a month, minus the amount consumed during the first days of this month by the right side, which is 170 million cubic meters of gas transferred to the left side. In exchange, the left side pledges to deliver 200,000 MW/h. To produce this amount of electricity, they need 60 million cubic meters of gas and will therefore have 100 million cubic meters left for consumption. This way, they will not need to economize,” stated Victor Parlicov.

The representative of the government said the contract with MGRES is the best solution that offers predictability as regards the supply of power at an advantageous price to Moldova.

“As a result of these negotiations, we have a contract that enables us to supply the citizens with electrical energy until March 2023, in clear conditions. The price is better than the market price. I don’t know why they consider that Chisinau made a concession to the Transnistrian region and that it sponsors this regime. The big fear was that we will pass winter with big difficulties and now that the Government provides the country with electricity, political discussions started. These things should not be mixed up,” said PAS MP Virgiliu Pîslariuc.

On December 3, SA Energocom signed a contract for the supply of electricity with MGRES (Kuchurgan power plant) for December. It was also agreed to extend the contract for January-March 2023. This way, Chisinau in December will buy 204,000 MW at the price of US$73 from MGRES. Instead, Moldovagaz offers the left side of the Nistru the whole amount of 5.7 million m3 of gas delivered by Gazprom.

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