Party of Change starts election campaign: Cleanup in justice is needed

The Party of Change kicked off its election campaign by an event staged in Sângerei. The party’s leader Ștefan Gligor said that to obtain development in the economy and in other sectors, the justice system should be cleaned up by removing the corrupt judges, prosecutors and investigation offices and also the state institutions that turned out to be inefficient in the fight against corruption and covered the commission of big thefts, IPN reports.

Ștefan Gligor said Moldova ranks 130th out of 136 states by the independence of justice. A functional and integral judiciary system costs money, but without such a system the other areas are doomed to failure.

The politician noted that judging by the current demographic situation, in 9-10 years the Republic of Moldova will be unable to honor its social payments. Annually, the Moldovan citizens who are abroad transfer home about €1.5 billion, but this money does not remain in the country and is spent on goods and products purchased from firms from offshore areas.

Ștefan Gligor also criticized the situation in other areas, saying the current education system is outdated and generates unemployment, while high-quality medial services are provided only in Chisinau and for money. Many children from vulnerable families live in miserable conditions, suffer from hunger, do not go to school and are subject to violence. Their party examines the problems in detail and comes with solutions.

The Party of Change suggests eliminating physical contact between the state and the business community so as to prevent corruption, introducing tax concessions for the Moldovans who return home from abroad and want to start a business in rural areas and also concessions for family businesses.

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