Parliament Building houses exhibition of encyclopedias

An exhibition of more than 100 encyclopedia titles, entitled “Culture of knowledge of encyclopedias”, is hosted by Parliament. The exhibition was mounted in connection with World Book and Copyright Day and also of the Librarian’s Day that is marked annually on April 23. The event is organized by the Library of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova in partnership with the Municipal Library “B.P. Hasdeu”, IPN reports.

The collection of encyclopedias belongs to the Municipal Library “B.P. Hasdeu”. The books are intended for readers of different ages, including periods from classical encyclopedias like Britannica (1768-2010) to modern, online editions. The exhibits also encompass a diversity of fields, such as history, science and technology, literature and arts, geography and culture, philosophy and religion, education and psychology, economics and society, politics and administration, family and health. A special place in the exhibition is occupied by the niche of children’s encyclopedias that include general, scientific, historical, literary, nature encyclopedias.

Among the exhibited books are the Encyclopedia of the People of Moldova, the Encyclopedia of the European Union, the Encyclopedia of the localities of the Republic of Moldova, the Grand Encyclopedia of Knowledge, the UNESCO World Heritage, the Great Personalities Book, the Encyclopedia of the Pupil, the Encyclopedia of the House, 1 000 Masterpieces of European Painting, the Great Wonders of the World, 1 000 Sculptures of Genius, the Small Encyclopedia of Finance, Currency, Insurance, etc. Among the exhibits are the 1894 volumes of the etymological dictionary of the Romanian language “Etymologicum Magnum Romaniae”, signed by B.P. Hasdeu.

Elena Ungureanu, head of the Studies and Research Division of “B.P. Hasdeu” Municipal Library, organizer of the exhibition, in the opening of the event spoke about the role and importance of encyclopedias, which are truthful and vast sources of information for the population. She also referred to the most famous encyclopedists who contributed to the creation of encyclopedias, such as Jean le Rond d’Alembert, Denis Diderot, Jimmy Wales, Larry Sanger, Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu, Eugen Coseriu, Vlad Pohilă.

Ala Marinescu, head of the Information Resources Section of the Parliament’s Secretariat, appreciated the vast and imposing exhibition of encyclopedias, useful to every reader.

The exhibition will be open until May 22, 2024. It can be visited daily, from Monday to Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

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