Oazu Nantoi: Defeat of regime of Putin is a guarantee for Moldova’s security

The military defeat of the regime of Vladimir Putin is the only guarantee for the national security of the Republic of Moldova, MP of the Party of Action and Solidarity Oazu Nantoi, a member of the Parliament’s commission on national security, defense and public order, stated in IPN’s public debate “New phase of Russo-Ukrainian war, new dangers and solutions to security in the region and in the Republic of Moldova”.

Oazu Nantoi considers the use of nuclear weapons, with which the Russian leader threatened, is not possible now and it goes rather to demagogy and very firm responses on the part of very important players, including the U.S., which said that they already worked out a plan of action in case Putin resorts to such a scenario.

According to him, there are risks threatening Moldova but they are lessened by the heroic fight of the people and army of Ukraine on the front. “If Ukraine had yielded up, as the regime of Putin hoped, we would have been occupied by the Russian Federation,” said Oazu Nantoi. The PAS MP noted that in the September 21 public appearance of Vladimir Putin, he was alerted by the use of the term “Novorossiya”. In 2014, the Novorossiya project existed and, in his opinion, the so-called referendum held on February 2, 2014 in ATU Gagauzia represented an element of the Novorossiya scenario as the goal was to create the Bugeac Republic consisting of areas populated mainly by Gagauz people in Odessa region, ATU Gagauzia and Taraclia.

He added that there is a fifth column in Moldova and one more pro-Russian politician appeared here - Ilan Shor. It is not known if Russia continues supplying gas to Moldova after October 1 as the cost of gas for Moldova is to decrease considerably according to the new price calculation formula. “It is a hybrid war and we should be aware of these risks. The ensuring of social cohesion, the responsibility of citizens who should be able to differentiate between manipulation and truth is the only solution for diminishing the risks to the Republic of Moldova,” stated Oazu Nantoi.

According to him, the fact that Moldova coped with the large inflow of Ukrainian refugees means that the state prepared well but and society also became significantly involved. Moldova’s resources are modest but it nevertheless braces for a larger inflow of refugees. “The hope is that this will not occur but it depends on the situation on the front,” said the MP.

Oazu Nantoi also said that Russia in general wanted to halt the transit of gas through the gas pipelines of Ukraine and only owing to Germany’s efforts, it assured that it will use the system through which Moldova is also supplied with gas until 2025. “We must realize that we should live in fully different conditions. The Baltic States paid a huge price for ensuring their energy security and now they do not feel attackable. Moldova lags behind a lot and it’s time to learn the lesson,” concluded the MP.

The public debate entitled “New phase of Russo-Ukrainian war, new dangers and solutions to security in the region and in the Republic of Moldova” was the 262th installment of IPN’s project “Developing Political Culture through Public Debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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