Nicu Popescu comments on Lavrov’s statements: We reject such a tone

These are insinuations and incorrect interpretations of facts, said Deputy Prime Minister Nicu Popescu, referring to the statements made by the Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, who told the Russian press that Maia Sandu is ready for anything for the sake of the West, while the West wants to turn Moldova into “next Ukraine”. The Moldovan official noted the authorities in Chisinau categorically reject such a scenario and replied to the Russian official that the country’s citizens want peace, prosperity and to be part of the EU, IPN reports.

In his interview for the Russian press, Sergei Lavrov said President Maia Sandu was elected by not really democratic methods, while the West is considering the Republic of Moldova for the role of “next Ukraine”. Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Nicu Popescu said his Russian counterpart’s rhetoric is untruthful, while President Maia Sandu was empowered by the citizens to integrate the Republic of Moldova into the European Union.

“We categorically reject such insinuations and such a tone in the interstate relations between the Republic of Moldova and the Russian Federation. At the same time, it is absolutely clear what the population of the Republic of Moldova wants. The citizens want a democratic, prosperous, European country in which corruption is rooted out, which is on its way to join the European Union. President Maia Sandu was offered such a mandate by the citizens. Our citizens want the European path to be continued. They want to live under a democratic, functional, non-corrupt system and want to keep peace on the territory of our county. These values - democracy and peace - unite all the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, including those who didn’t vote for President Maia Sandu,” Nicu Popescu stated in the program “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel.

The official said Sergei Lavrov’s assertions are not the first unfriendly statements with regard to Moldova made by Russian officials. Despite the Russian propaganda, the Moldovan citizens firmly chose the European course that ensures peace and prosperity.

“This statement is offensive to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova first of all. Our country’s evolution is absolutely clearly centered on accession to the European Union. We see what the Russian Federation does at international level. We condemn this aggressive, unprovoked war against Ukraine. All the messages that justify this aggression do not have any value. We are used to the statements made in Russian politics, which contain erroneous descriptions and insinuations with regard to our country, and they started even before the Independence. The good side is that our society knew to strengthen its democracy, its choice for the European course even in these rather toxic conditions of fake news and propaganda coming from the East” stated the Deputy Prime Minister.

In an interview for a Russian TV channel, Sergei Lavrov said the West is eyeing Moldova for the role of “next Ukraine”, while President Maia Sandu is eager herself to join NATO and is ready to unite with Romania. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the blocking of the negotiations in the 5+2 format, saying that Chisinau considers now that this format is unsuitable.

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