Moldova has shelters, but these are few in number and are damaged, Maia Sandu

The Republic of Moldova has shelters, but these are not sufficient in number. Their functions were mostly modified. The shelters weren’t maintained and are seriously damaged and not many of them can be rehabilitated, President Maia Sandu told a news conference.

“This is the reality. We cannot build sufficient shelters in a month or two. The situation at shelters that are managed by state institutions has improved, but the facilities that were privatized or whose purpose was changed or are not maintained at all are in a very serious state and nothing can be done there,” said President Sandu.

Maia Sandu noted it is hard to say how the war in Ukraine will influence the Transnistrian conflict. “We continue pleading for the peaceful resolution of the Transnistrian dispute. It is hard to say what will happen to the 5+2 format of the talks after these events and to what extent it will be appropriate for these discussions. Our message to the regime in Tiraspol is not to create other vulnerabilities, not to take actions that can increase the risks of an armed attack, military actions on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. I hope they realize the risks, but, evidently, the venerability there is great. We monitor and try to be attentive to such things,” said the official.

As to the reports that the number of Russian peacekeepers in the Transnistrian region was raised, President Sandu said the peacekeepers enter the region through border crossing points controlled by the constitutional authorities. “We didn’t see a rise and the number cannot be increased without the constitutional authorities knowing about this. The press reported particular activity or moves on the Transnistrian territory. The Ministry of the Interior, the Reintegration Office reacted. According to our information and to the information of the development partners, such reports cannot be confirmed,” stated Maia Sandu, noting the risks persist yet and the situation can anytime change swiftly and the authorities remain vigilant therefore.

Asked about the reports that Russian soldiers on the left side of the Nistru wear the symbol “Z”, President Sandu said these were warned to remove this ‘war symbol’ and didn’t comply initially, but later removed it. She was informed that this was an individual decision that hadn’t been coordinated with the mission’s administration.

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