Moldova faces an atypical crisis, opinion

The political crisis faced by Moldova after the dismissal of the Government is neither political nor constitutional , but is atypical, generated by rivalry and personal hatred between the leaders of the parties that formed the Alliance for European Integration, Ion Dron, chairman of the Center of Initiatives and Public Authorities Monitoring, said in the debate “Culture of political crisis: views and roles of civil society organizations in the process of overcoming and communication with society”, which was staged by IPN on March 26.

”We are actually in a permanent crisis. The way things develop reveals a crisis of ideas. The current crisis is special because the expectations were great and the frustrations are also great. It’s easier for those who didn’t have high hopes at the beginning. I didn’t have hopes. I said at the very beginning that the name of the AEI has nothing to do with European integration. They held negotiations only on the distribution of seats. The principle of separation of powers in the state, which hasn’t worked for 20 years, led to this crisis. We must assume responsibility for this crisis because we were tolerant and had too high hopes. The crisis was inevitable as the government principles weren’t agreed,” said Ion Dron.

The expert also said that the early legislative elections are not a serious problem. “The elections mean cleaning. We need new forces to enter Parliament. The election threshold should be decreased so as to allow other parties and leaders of civil society to come to power. Now, we, society, have the roadmap to Europe, while the politicians have the roadmap to the case with money. We must say it clearly where we are going to as the people are confused,” stated Ion Dron.

He believes that civil society is the nerve of a community and without this nerve the state would be lost. “The foreign partners left civil society too soon. Insufficient investment was made in civil society. Today’s parties are a danger to the future of my children. We are hostage of these parties. Things can explode and have unpredictable consequences,” said Ion Dron, adding he hopes it would be a peaceful ‘explosion’ that will lead to the appearance of new leaders in the political life.

The debate ”Culture of political crisis: views and roles of civil society organizations in the process of overcoming and communication with society” is the 14th of the series of public debates held by IPN News Agency within the project “Development of political culture by public debates”. The project is supported by Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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