Moldova can solve problem of energy dependence and waste through innovation, entrepreneurs

Ion Rață, president of the “Innovative Projects” International Consortium, says that Moldova can solve the problem of energy dependence and waste. The funding for such projects could be ensured if the Moldovan Government cooperated with Romania, which, being a EU member, has access to large investments for the promotion of green energy.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Ion Rață noted that Moldova currently relies heavily on energy imports. In recent years, not enough attention has been paid to the development of energy production. But Moldova has the possibility to produce energy from biomass. “Energy production also allows solving the problem of waste. Today we do not have a concept of managing them. Waste is thrown into nature, polluting the environment and creating mess. In the catalytic conversion process, household waste can be used as biomass for the production of electricity and heat. This would be possible through the implementation of ecoHornet technology”, said Rață.

Ion Rață also said that, together with the Ministry of the Environment, a concept was developed that provides that this year, with the support of the EU, around 12 landfills with preliminary sorting will be formed in Moldova and at the same time that this waste will go to primary processing after which energy will be obtained.

Iuliean Horneț, a famous Romanian inventor and entrepreneur, said that the ecoHornet technology can clean the planet of all the waste that humanity produces. It can be said that 90% of the energy for mankind can be provided by biomass and waste. Every country, with few exceptions, has this possibility. The invented technologies work by direct combustion, direct burning at over 1200 degrees. Another method of transforming waste into energy is through co-incineration. “The high temperature allows us to burn plastic and rubber together with biomass in the right proportions, so that we can fit into environmental emission standards. Meanwhile, household waste, if it is free of glass, metals and other such materials, can be pelletized and can become better than wood in terms of caloric value”, declared Iuliean Horneț.

The inventor says that for the past seven years he has been in charge of a thermal and thermo-chemical treatment plant for all solid and liquid waste. A pyrolysis technology has been created that can turn all waste into fuel and other high-value chemical materials. 500 kilograms of biochar, 300 liters of pyrolysis oil, 200 cubic meters of gas can be extracted from one ton of household waste.

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