Misanthrope atavism. Op-Ed by Victor Pelin

This way, on the occasion of May 9, they were congratulated by the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of North Korea. We thus see that there is a working class in North Korea and this country therefore has a bright future. The charm of the situation resides in the fact that North Korea within international organizations supports Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and this makes it look even more to the Moldovan Communist-Socialists...”

Falsifiers went too far...

The Day when Victory in World War II is celebrated is regrettably used for propaganda purposes. On May 9, the leaders of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists (BCS) decided to disobey the law, ostentatiously wearing the so-called ribbon of Saint George, which is one of the symbols of the Russian military aggression against Ukraine. To justify the illegality, the Communist-Socialist leaders resorted to falsifications and distortions. To be credible, they, as usually, resorted to stratagems, insisting that: We should not allow anyone to rewrite history and to distort the historical truth!

In fact, the most dangerous falsifiers of history are not those who say lies as these can be easily identities and exposed, but those who disseminate half-truths, take deeds out of the historical context in order to substantiate their falsifications. Among these are the Moldovan Communist-Socialists who, during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, do not have the courage to openly admit that they support the aggression, promoting its symbols, but try to use all kinds of weird allusions. Consequently, in Communist-Socialists’ official posts about the
lessons of history, the lies and half-truths are abundant. 

To see and not to believe. The falsifiers imply that the “Misanthrope atavism and the wish to establish a new world order are yet alive. This makes us, the successors of the cause of winners, to adopt an approach, to keep the historical memory and to materialize it into concrete deeds”. This is said in a pathetic way, but who are actually those who promote misanthrope atavism? No one else than the propagandists who assured the Russian citizens that Ukraine would be defeated in two days, attributing messianic tasks to Vladimir Putin: “Putin personally will be the founder of the new world order”. Not only the propagandists excel in their misanthropic exercises, but also the Russian academia that, during a long period of time, has published such works as
RUSSIA, CHINA and the new world order: theory and practice. In practice, we now see what is going on in Ukraine, while in theory they try to engage China in the Russian anti-globalist project. The problem is China has constantly pleaded in favor of globalism and does not really match the misanthrope atavism project. We will yet see what Putin’s adventure will generate.  

Samples of lies and half-truths

To top it all, the Communist-Socialist falsifiers dare to give sentences: “The history lessons of the last seven decades, since May 1945, paradoxically haven’t been learned. In the states that declared themselves democratic, these lessons are rejected, slandered and foiled”. This was stated in the context of Winston Churchill’s Fulton assertion that is said to have led to the start of the cold war. In fact, the cold war became inevitable after the USSR’s actions with regard to Iran, Greece and Turkey were interpreted by the allies of the West as an attempt to bypoass the Yalta agreement. It turned out that the Soviet expansionist plans didn’t disappear after World War II and manifested themselves as earlier, the proof being the exclusion of the USSR from the Nations League. Either Winston Churchill was right or not, we can judge by what happened in the German Democratic Republic in 1953, in Hungary in 1956, in Czechoslovakia in 1968, in Poland in 1981. We received the final answer after the collapse of the Communist regimes in Europe and the voluntary joining of NATO and the European Union by most of the ex-Communist states.

Another pearl of the deceitful Communist-Socialist propaganda is that “
the big capital of Europe and the United States sponsored and fueled the Nazi movement in opposition to the Communist wave – so that today world oligarchy, transnational corporations, through the agency of intelligence services, fuel from behind and sometimes militarized enclaves where the obscure order of terror, etc. is instituted”. Before making gratuitous and deceitful statements, the Communist-Socialist propagandists should better consult the documents. If they do this, they will see that namely the American and German industrialists made a decisive contribution to industrializing the USSR, long before the coming of the Nazis to power in Germany and this fact essentially help build the Soviet military complex that turned the USSR into a military superpower. As regards the intelligence services that fuel militarist enclaves, namely Russia continuously deals with this, hatching separatist enclaves in Abkhazia, Crimea, Donbas, South Ossetia, Transnistria. The current war in Ukraine is nothing but a new phase of the war in Donbas, which was planned and implemented by citizens of the Russian Federation – Girkin, Borodai, Motorola, Ghivi etc., with armament that was illegally brought from Russia. The results of this prodigious activities are described by terrorist Girkin, who appropriately depicts the separatist regimes in Donbas - “During eight years in Donbas, they have built a shitty reserve instead of an example of the Russian world!”. This is the real truth.  

The Communist-Socialists’ hatred of the European Union that appeared after World War II is limitless: “The so-called Third Reich during almost a decade became the prototype of the European Union that today, approximately on the same tone as then, dares to indicate how the “sub-states” should behave, what laws they should adopt, with who they should be friends, with who they should be enemies”. First of all, the idea of the United States of Europe has
a history of at least half a millennium. Among the great thinkers who predicted the union of the European states was philosopher Immanuel Kant, who developed the concept of eternal peace – “a federation of free states, solving the disputes without resorting to the war”. Secondly, there is no doubt that the Communist-Socialists, despite the existing realities, do not believe in the predictions of Marx and Lenin about the continuous pauperization of the working class, which will create conditions for the start of a global Communist revolution – the most brutal globalist idea. In fact, Lenin dreamt of the United Sates of the World in 120 years after Kant. In 1915, he reached the conclusion that the slogan of the Unite States of Europe is mistaken.

In the aforementioned circumstances, the sad truth ascertained by the Moldovan Communist-Socialists is not only that the
Zemsharnaya (Global) Republic of Soviets is impossible, but also that in the Republic of Moldova there are no workers and, respectively, there is no working class. The absurdity of the existence of the so-called parties of the working class, like those of the Communist-Socialists, in the absence of the subject whose rights should be defended and promoted, is evident. The visceral hatred of the processes in the free, non-Communist world derives from here. 

Real friends are identified based on their aspirations for a bright future

Despite the extremely sad situation for the Moldovan Communist-Socialists, there are also good news for them. This way, on the occasion of May 9, they were congratulated by the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of North Korea. We thus see that there is a working class in North Korea and this country therefore has a bright future. The charm of the situation resides in the fact that North Korea within international organizations supports Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and this makes it look even more attractive to the Moldovan Communist-Socialists.

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