Mircea Geoană: We do not see signs Russia has military resources that would ensure connection with Transnistrian region

NATO does not see signs that there are military resources of Russia which can ensure connection with the Transnistrian region, said NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană. According to the official, the initial plan of the Kremlin was to reach Tiraspol through Odessa, but now such a scenario is practically impossible. He also noted that inside the North Atlantic Alliance they do not discuss Moldova’s eventual entry into NATO as the country is not ready to become part of the military alliance, IPN reports.

The NATO Deputy Secretary General, who was in Chisinau on an official visit last week, urged calmness and said that there are no preconditions for the Russian army to reach the Republic of Moldova as the Kremlin’s initial plan to occupy Odessa failed. In case of an attack by Russia on Moldova, NATO cannot intervene, but can help the country to defend itself.

“We do not see signs of military resources of the Russian Federation which would ensure connection with the Transnistrians region. The plan was to occupy Odessa as if by a wise and come to Tiraspol from the north, through Belarus and close the vise. I want to give a signal of quietness and calmness in the Republic of Moldova. I know that this is a preoccupation and it is normal to be so, but today we do not see military resources of Russia which could do this as Ukraine does its job very well. We must be honest with the people. Being a NATO member means Article 5. Not being a NATO member means another type of security arrangement. The Republic of Moldova’s neutrality does not mean military weakness. It must be much more active, with a professional army. We can help the Republic of Moldova be much more robust and be able to protect itself,” Mircea Geoană stated in the program “In Depth” on ProTV Chisinau channel.

The NATO Deputy Secretary General assured that the North Atlantic Alliance respects the Republic of Moldova’s neutrality and a decision on joining NATO should be taken by the citizens.

“The first thing I say in Chisinau is that NATO respects the neutrality stipulated in the Constitution. The NATO Partnership for Peace is 30-years-old. It is a partnership that developed in time and how includes assistance from us for the way in which the Republic of Moldova trains its officers, sub-officers. According to the NATO treaty, any European nation that wants and is ready to join NATO can join the Alliance. We do not stop anyone. If they want and are ready, they can come to us. NATO does not have a hypothetical discussion about the Republic of Moldova’s eventual entry into NATO as the two conditions haven’t been yet met. The Republic of Moldova today does not want to join NATO and this is your sovereign decision. Secondly, one should be ready, not only want,” said Mircea Geoană.

According to an opinion poll presented by the Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE), 60.3% of those surveyed said they would vote against Moldova’s entry into NATO in an eventual referendum. Only 28% of the respondents said they want the Republic of Moldova to join the North Atlantic Alliance. The survey was carried out by CBS-AXA during June 13 – 28, 2023 and covered a sample of 1,120 persons. The margin of sampling error was at most 3%.

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