Mihai Popșoi: Russia wants a pro-Kremlin Government in Chisinau

Russia tries to cause anxiety in society in the Republic of Moldova, said Deputy Speaker of Parliament Mihai Popșoi, referring to Russia’s intensified message about Ukraine’s intention to attack the Transnistrian region or about the presence of radioactive substances on the Ukrainian border. Watchdog expert Valeriu Pașa noted that Russia’s rhetoric is part of the information war and is aimed at increasing tensions in society, IPN reports.

The representatives of the government said that Russia would like to have in Chisinau a government faithful to its expansionist policy, which would be an ally in the war in Ukraine. To upset Moldova’s European course, the Kremlin tries to destabilize the situation, invoking alleged attempts to attack the Transition region so as to case panic and tensions in society.

“The Russian Federation does not abandon its neo-imperial aspirations and in this merciless aggression against Ukraine would like to have a pro-Kremlin government in Chisinau. Fortunately, the citizens of the Republic of Moldova offered a clear, overwhelming support to the Party of Action and Solidarity, to President Maia Sandu and the state institutions work and do their job. That’s why these attempts to destabilize the situation in the Republic of Moldova cannot be successful. The increasingly alarmist, outrageous messages coming from representatives of the Russian Federation are aimed at increasing public anxiety, at scaring the people so as to affect the Republic of Moldova’s economy. Russia, as it does not manage to replace the government and cannot succeed in doing this, tries to cause harm by other methods. Our message to the citizens is not to allow to be attracted in this artificial hysteria that is generated by the Russian Federation and is disseminated by their agents in the Republic of Moldova,” Mihai Popșoi stated in the program “Secrets of the Power” on JurnalTV channel.

Following the previous messages about Ukraine’s intention to attack the Transnistrian region, on Wednesday the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed about alleged provocations with radioactive substances on the border between Ukraine and the Transnistrian region. The Russian authorities expressed their concern about reports that Kyiv was allegedly transporting radioactive substances from two Back Sea ports to the Transnistrian region.

“It is not for the first time that the Russian Federation comes with such scarecrows. For Russia, it is important to keep the subject of nuclear dangers in the international focus throughout the war. They started with the Chernobyl plant so as to imbed the idea of nuclear dangers at international level and to discourage assistance for Ukraine. Later, there were a number of episodes around the plant in Zaporozhe. They now come with a new untruth, with a new episode of the information war that is now led by Russia in a more rudimentary and unconvincing way and this is gladdening,” stated Watchdog expert Valeriu Pașa.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova denied the Russian press reports about the bringing of radioactive materials close to the Transnistrian region by the Ukrainian side. It noted that the state institutions are monitoring the situation and do not confirm the information disseminated by Moscow.

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