Maxim Moroșan intends to sue Renato Usatyi

The head of the local organization of the Party of Socialists (PSRM) in Balti Maxim Moroșan plans to file a lawsuit against Renato Usatyi and a complaint against this to the law enforcement agencies. Moroșan, who is also a councilor on the Balti Municipal Council, demands to penalize Renato Usatyi for the calumnious statements he made against him and his team.

“On November 21, 2023, Renato Usatyi, in his call to the President of the Russian Federation, dared to make a series of statements referring to me, Maxim Moroșan, and to Pavel Voicu. After making these statements, he published documents and a list with members of our team who allegedly conducted illegal activities on the territory of other states. This document generates a number of questions. First, what is the origin of that document? How did it get to Renato Usatyi?  Thirdly, the content of the document is open to question as it denigrates the honest and decent citizens of our country,” Maxim Moroșan stated in a news conference hosted by IPN.

According to him, such deceiving and denigrating actions should have serious legal consequences. “I, Maxim Moroșan, a municipal councilor in Balti town and the head of the local organization of the PSRM in Balti, with overall responsibility state that all the suspicions, accusations and statements regarding me, Pavel Voicu, Sergey Gramma, Alexandru Furtuna and other mates of ours are false and denigrating,” said Maxim Moroșan.

“We ask for a fair trial as those who slander and denigrate in the public sphere should be punished in accordance with the legal provisions because they harm our dignity and honor and the dignity and honor of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. We call on the responsible bodies to pronounce on all the unfounded assertions and suspicions of a sick man who has rich imagination, Renato Usatyi,” stated Maxim Moroșan. He asked that the court should oblige Renato Usatyi to apologize publicly and to pay by helping orphan children.

“Our principled position is based on the fight against corruption and nepotism. All our actions center on the transparent work of municipal councilors and employees of the Balti mayor’s office.”

In this connection, Maxim Moroșan addressed a number of embassies working in Moldova, telling them that he is being subject to pressure as a beginner politician. “I believe this political anarchy on the part of Renato Usatyi should be ended. This can be done only through the agency of the law. We give two weeks to Renato to apologize publicly not only to me, but also to the brothers, sisters, parents and relatives of all those whom I mentioned,” stated Maxim Moroșan.

Note: IPN News Agency offers the right of reply to persons who consider they were touched by the news items produced based on statements made by the organizers of the given news conference, including by facilitating the organization of another news conference in similar conditions.

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