Main points of “Moldova of Good Times” program proposed by Natalia Gavrilița

Prime Minister-Designate Natalia Gavriliță made public the proposed government program that is symbolically called “Moldova of Goods Times”. The program is aimed at creating at home conditions in which each person can realize their dreams and potential so that the families live together, with parents near their children. This will also help society to get rid of fear, to gain confidence in the own forces, will foster economic development and will stimulate the state institutions to act in the name and interests of the citizens, IPN reports.

The program says the Republic of Moldova faces a series of structural problems and development challenges that affect the wellbeing of the people and the whole country, such as the low quality of governance, poverty, inequality and socioeconomic vulnerability, the low number of well-paid jobs, undeveloped infrastructure and vulnerability to climate change, an education system that is not sufficiently adjusted to the needs of society, alarming crime and accident rate, population aging and depopulation of communities.

To ensure efficient, democratic, transparent and responsible governance and to achieve the set development objectives, a new Government structure was proposed, of 13 ministries instead of 9.

The efficient management of the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is the immediate priority of the new Government. This is followed by the justice sector reform and the anticorruption package, the rise in population’s incomes and social protection of the vulnerable groups and the restoration of foreign financial assistance.

To ensure good governance, the Government aims to increase the quality of governance and to fight corruption, monopolies, defective management at state enterprises.

Emphasis will be placed on digital transformation. New digital services and instruments that ease the life and work of the citizens and their communication with the state will be incorporated into the public system. The public services will be rethought and modernized.

In the justice and anticorruption sectors, laws on the extraordinary assessment of judges and prosecutors will be drafted and proposed. The Supreme Court of Justice and the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office will be reformed.

In the health sector, measures will be taken to fight corruption, politicization and bureaucratization and personnel and system modernization policies will be pursued. Their will be ensured the accessibility, quality and safety of medicines and consumables, medical services, etc.

In agriculture, the Government will focus on the efficient functioning of state institutions so as to ensure the competitiveness of agricultural products, to develop the related sectors of agrifood products and to increase the quality infrastructure and safety of food so as to fully benefit from the DCFTA with the EU.

In education and research, the Gavrilița Government aims to ensure an inclusive, safe and friendly teaching environment with space for creativity and focus on critical thinking. The education institutions should be community centers that combine the cooperation efforts of parents, teachers, business community and the whole community. The national research system will be supported so that it really contributes to economic growth and people’s wellbeing by relevant research and results.

The Government will also promote the independence of the press as the main pillar of authentic democracy so as to ensure the freedom of thought and expression and to build an informed society responsible for the own future.

The Government aims to pursue an active, consistent and pragmatic foreign policy so as to promote and safeguard the national interests and bring concrete benefits to the citizens. This policy will be aimed at ensuring a favorable, constructive and non-conflict international and regional environment for successfully doing democratic reforms, fighting corruption, containing the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring economic recovery, strengthening security and the country‘s independence and sovereignty.

The program also stipulates the objectives in the economy and entrepreneurship, infrastructure and regional development, public finances, environmental protection, public administration and local self-government, youth and sport, culture, diaspora, home affairs, security and defense and the country’s reintegration.

On August 6, Prime Minister-Designate Natalia Gavrilița and the governmental team will appear before Parliament to ask for a vote of confidence. The Government is invested by the votes of at least 51 MPs. The Party of Action and Solidarity has 63 MPs.  

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