Maib unveils refreshed values and purpose to its entire team

Last week over 2200 maib employees came together to celebrate the success of the bank, to replenish the team spirit, to jumpstart the new year with energy and joy, and to find new inspirations for the challenges ahead.

Maib introduced the new purpose and refreshed values at the event to the entire team.

The team of over 60 top and middle managers worked together for over two months to come up with a statement reflecting the common purpose. It is designed to convey a timeless aspiration, something they can proudly get behind, and a reason why maib exists as a company. The work began with the question "Why?"

Maib’s purpose:

We create smart and simple financial and lifestyle solutions that inspire people to be happier and businesses more successful.

The new purpose is about our shared work, it is about our customers, happiness and success. We have 3 verbs that unite the values, while the customer always stays at the center of our attention.

Customers are at the center of our attention. Customers are a priority, the core of our business decisions: from products, services and processes to the development of our channels. Everything we do is based on the aspirations or challenges that our customers may face. We strive for excellence in the relationship with customers, developing a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.

We create, we inspire, we simplify. These 3 words express the maib team actions we follow every day.

We create

  • We create experiences that make customers and employees happier. One happy employee can make hundreds of customers happy. It is in our power to anticipate our customers' expectations and do everything to make every experience and contact with maib smooth and delightful. 
  • We create a transparent and trustworthy environment. We are open and honest with each other, honest and transparent with our customers. We declare transparency a value at maib, we mention it when we change products and prices, when we honestly admit if we make a mistake. We added transparency to all the bank's actions, internal and external processes. And we think that that's the right thing to do.
  • We create team spirit so that people enjoy working and having fun together. We believe that great things are achieved in a team, and we can do so much more TOGETHER! Let's be friendly, share knowledge, celebrate each other’s results and support each other. Let's have fun together.

We inspire

  • We inspire taking ownership and delivering results. Taking ownership means being determined, solving problems, not avoiding responsibility and taking the consequences for all actions, coming up with solutions and getting involved. This will result in delivering results, contributing to success and reaching common outcome. 
  • We inspire innovation and creative thinking. We encourage innovative and creative thinking at all levels, to develop the business, create products, delight customers, improve processes. We should be one step ahead of our competitors, set up benchmarks and learn from best practices. Thinking out of the box is about thinking differently, unconventionally and from a new perspective, it is about freedom of thought. So let's drop the stereotypes, support the exchange of ideas, surprise our customers and each other. Let's redefine what the new quality standards mean and be the first to implement it.
  • We inspire acting responsibly towards society and environment. We are part of the society we live in and part of the planet we live on. We aspire to be environmentally and socially responsible in our actions.

We simplify

  • We simplify products and services.
  • We simplify operations and communication. Everything should be simple and easy! We are continually changing processes and procedures, revising internal and external documents, removing unnecessary steps, leaving only the essence and the things that really matter. We committed ourselves to being understood well by our customers, whoever he/she may be and therefore we simplify the complicated specific banking language to be clear and comprehensive.
  • We simplify the way we work, becoming agile. Agile unites us! People, processes, connections, technology, dedicated time, cross-functional teams - everything in order to find the most appropriate, efficient and fast solution to accomplish a certain task. We were the first big company that had the courage to implement agile as a way of working.

Giorgi Shagidze, maib CEO: „As we all know, no strategy is successful if it is not supported by the company's purpose, values and overall culture. We agreed to continue developing the culture that sets maib apart and spreads the values, which are essential for our future. I thank the team who contributing to come up with the refreshed purpose and value of maib and thank all maibers for the hard work, for the energy shown in implementing our ambitious plans, for keeping the customer at the center, for the loyalty of over 2000 professionals and for the great results. I am very pleased we have such a strong alignment to build the future we want together by creating smart and simple solutions, making our customers happier and businesses more successful, being responsible for our society and environment and to do it while enjoying working and having fun together”.

Together to the next level!

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