Maia Sandu: Women are on front line to offer safety and peace

In these difficult times when the security risks grew considerably, the women are on the front line to offer safety and peace, while in Ukraine they are in the front line of the war as well. Several years ago, the women were insignificantly involved in activities related to politics, security, public order, but now they are much more active. In the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, we now have the largest number of women in the country’s history – 40%, President Maia Sandu stated in the second edition of Women4Security, which was held at the Palace of the Republic, IPN reports.

President Sandu underlined the importance of the meeting of women from Moldova and Romania “Women4Securityˮ, whose objective is to create bridges between villages, to establish relations of cooperation at different levels and in different areas and to exchange good practices between women from both sides of the Prut. A courageous and perseverant woman is a firm voice of all women. It is essential for this voice to become more powerful so that the interests and needs of women, including in the security sector, are heard and respected.

Maia Sandu said the war, violence in the family and abuses at the workplace affect primarily the women, often causing traumas that cannot be cured. “In February 2022, when Russia attacked Ukraine, we saw violence that cannot be described in words, while women often suffer twice more in front of aggression and the armed conflict. The women in Ukraine are not only war victims. They are also victims of mass deportations, of sexual and physical violence. Millions of women had to abandon homes and flee from war,” stated the official, calling on the woman to work in a united team so as to build a safe world in which the life of each woman is valued, respected, protected.

Romanian senator Nicoleta Pauliuc said that the Republic of Moldova is an example of good practices and happy developments when it goes to the choice and promotion of ladies at the highest level of the state. “This reality overlaps a very intense period given the hybrid war that is being waged by the Russian Federation on the Republic of Moldova and comes at a turning point at which the Republic of Moldova accelerates absolutely necessary reforms in the context of the efforts to join the European Union. Showing profound attachment to the democratic, liberal, Western values and to the rule of law principles, the current administration of the Republic of Moldova manages to generate a lot of sympathy and real support in all the chancelleries of the civilized countries,” stated the senator.

Moldova’s Minister of Home Affairs Ana Revenco explained that this event is designed to identify and increase the common initiative of society, the business community, the institutional and political sectors.

“Exactly one year ago, on June 8, the Republic of Moldova obtained the EU candidate status. Over the past year, it launched an ambitious reform agenda and in the period the Republic of Moldova went up 56 spots in the world rankings of women in politics. The Republic of Moldova now ranks 16th out of 146 counties. And all these things happened under the guidance of particular women,” said Doina Gherman, who heads the Parliament’s commission on foreign policy and European integration.

The second edition of Women4Security includes two events. The first event titled “More Powerful, over the Border” brought together over 200 women from Moldova and Romania for thinking up projects, identifying sustainable partnership development solutions. The second event entitled “Women for Security” is a reception to which women with accomplishments and remarkable activities, who contributed to ensuring security in Moldova and in Europe, will be invited.

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