Maia Sandu: We have real chances of becoming EU member by this decade’s end

If the Transnistrian conflict is not settled before the country joins the European Union, the reintegration will happen after the accession, said President Maia Sandu. According to the official, the right side of the Nistru could become part of the EU the first, while the left side would do it later, when the citizens from the Transnistrian region realize the advantages of the European integration. President Sandu rejected the idea of abandoning the Transnistrian region, saying that the joining process will consist of two stages if the geopolitical circumstances are not favorable for settling the Transnistrian conflict, IPN reports.

The official noted that even if the Transnistrian conflict remains unsolved, it will not represent an impediment in the process of joining the EU. The Transnistrian region can become part of the EU later.

“If in three-four years there are no geopolitical circumstances owing to which we could resolve the Transnistrian dispute, we already analyzed the issue. The Republic of Moldova cannot remain stagnant. We must become a member of the European Union, while the European Union does not say that if there is no reintegration, the accession to the EU is impossible. On the other hand, our people from the left side will see what integration into the EU is as the quality of life in our country will improve considerably. We see this from the experience of all the states that during the past 20 years became members of the European Union. The problem will be solved later if we are unable to solve it before Moldova’s accession to the EU. We do not abandon the Transnistrian region. The process can take place in two steps. We cannot remain in this situation when neither democracy is strengthened nor the quality of life is improved for another 30 years,” President Sandu stated in the program “New Week with Anatolie Golea” on TV8 channel.

The official noted that the accession to the EU is Chisinau’s priority and the unsolved Transnistrian conflict cannot stop this process. The country can join the EU until 2030 if society remains united and all the conditions put forward by the European Union are fulfilled.

“For us, the European Union is a priority. We will be able live in peace there as the EU is a peace project. On the other hand, we see that Russia means war, poverty. I think we have very good chances of European integration. We must focus on our internal agenda and do the launched reforms. We have real chances of becoming an EU member state by the end of this decade,” said Maia Sandu.

In October, the European Commission is to present a report on the progress made by the Republic of Moldova in implementing the nine conditions formulated when the country was granted the EU candidate status. Depending on this report, the European Council in December will decide whether to open accession negotiations with the Republic of Moldova or not.

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