Maia Sandu: Let’s turn education of children in Moldova into most powerful liaison of society

“I invite you to turn the education of children in Moldova into the most powerful liaison of our society. Regardless of the differences between parents, which are normal in a democracy, the children learn together,” President Maia Sandu stated in the academic year start festivity held t the Teacher Training University “Ion Creangă”. She noted that “it is our duty to teach our children to be more united and solidary than we managed to be”, IPN reports.

“By everything we do - and the professors here can do more than the politicians – I think we need to increase society’s trust in education, to invest our energy in cooperation with each other instead of focusing on the differences between us,” said Maia Sandu.

The official noted that “Ion Creanga” University plays a very important role in training model teachers. “Dear professors and future teachers, I would raise one more element here – toughness, which is presumably lost gradually. As we know, life is harsh towards each of us. I think toughness at all the levels of the education system, primarily with regard to ourselves, is an ingredient of our success. If we are demanding and teach our young people to do things well and to be tough on themselves and on those around, we will have a more correct, more just society in which everyone’s merit will prevail over commitments,” stated President Sandu.

She also spoke about equity. “I want the children of our country to have an equitable system in which we do our best to improve the conditions of those who started life in less favorable conditions. We should invest in the future of those children who can and want but who, for various reasons, didn’t have the happiest start in life. We should avoid misinterpreting equity: equity means not equaling by downing level of those from up, but by increasing the level of those from down,” stated Maia Sandu.

The official also said that the country needs very good professors who know well their job, know and can apply different teaching strategies, know to be tough on their students but to also encourage them, know to be empathic and learn daily so as to be one step ahead of their students, serving as models of behavior.

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