Maia Sandu: Decision concerning videos made at PDM’s head office is insulting

The conclusion of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office concerning the videos made at the head office of the Democratic Party (PDM), which show Igor Dodon discussing with Vladimir Plahotniuc and receiving a bag from the latter, is insulting to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, the leader of the Party of Action and Solidarity Maia Sandu was quoted by IPN as saying in the talk show “Secrets of the Power” on Jurnal TV channel.

“This decision by the Prosecutor’s Office is insulting to the honest people of this country. Coming and saying that it is not clear and that it cannot be determined what was there in that bag is mockery. It’s clear that there wasn’t ewe’s cheese or books for the summer holidays of Igor Dodon, especially because those from the video say it clearly that the bag’s content was intended for salaries. And the salaries are paid in money,” stated Maia Sandu.

She noted that the Prospector General’s Office ridicules itself by protecting Igor Dodon at any cost. Moreover, by publishing the results on this case, the prosecutor general humiliates all the “honest people of the country”.

“Regrettably, we ascertain once again that we do not have an independent prosecution service. This is partially subordinated to Igor Dodon and partially to Plahotniuc, if they keep saying that Plahotniuc intends to return. This happens because they didn’t want to clean the prosecution service and to name an independent and courageous person as prosecutor general at the right time,” added Maia Sandu.

The politician noted that the citizens, especially those who earlier supported Igor Dodon, consider that the bag transmitted by Vladimir Plahotniuc to the President contained money. “The people understand. The people in the northern districts with whom I discussed, who were earlier supporters of Igor Dodon, consider there was money in that bag. The people realize that Igor Dodon benefitted from the money stolen by Plahotniuc and they are all to blame.”

The PAS leader said the PGO will not manage to polish President Igor Dodon’s image and the people will mobilize so as to get rid of Dodon and Plahotniuc the same day.

The videos made at the head office of the Democratic Party (PDM) do not contain elements of an offense, the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office determined after examining the denouncement submitted by the leader of the PPPDA Andrei Năstase and the request made by MP Iurie Reniță. The two asked to investigate the circumstances deriving from the videos showing Igor Dodon received a bag from the former leader of the PDM, which was presumably with money. It was thus ordered to drop the case.

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