Klaus Iohannis: EPC Summit was a success

The EPC Summit is an exceptionally important event for the Republic of Moldova, for the region, for the whole continent and for the future of this recently instituted format, said the President of Romania Klaus Iohannis. According to him, the event was organized in an irreproachable way and this is a proof of Moldova’s administrative capacity that is also so relevant for the strategic objective of accession to the EU, IPN reports.

“It was a meeting in which multiple pressing problems for our continent were discussed, starting from the impact of the war in Ukraine on us, all the European states and the world in general, and ending with aspects of interest for all the participants, such as building of resilience, energy security and aspects related to connectivity,” said Klaus Iohannis.

The Romanian President said that beyond sector subjects, the delivery of clear political signals was a major issue of the meeting and this objective was definitively achieved. “A first signal was the one regarding the Republic of Moldova’s importance for the whole European continent and concerning the support this receives for ensuring its security and stability and for joining the EU. The Republic of Moldova is not alone before the challenges with which it needs to cope. Romania stands by and we showed this by concrete deeds,” noted the official.

Klaus Iohannis reiterated the message that “Moldova is not alone” and said that the summit showed that the other European states stand by it practically unanimously. He went on to say that he is sure the democratic states will continue to offer support to the Republic of Moldova, to Ukraine and to the whole region. “The enhancement of security and resilience means also enhancement of security and resilience for us all, including for Romania and the Romanians,” noted the Romanian president.

The second signal of crucial importance was the reiteration, after the first EPC summit held in Prague, of the support for Ukraine and for the people of Ukraine in their effort to win the war of aggression launched by Russia. “This support, as I mentioned above, will be provided as long as it is necessary so as to help Ukraine to secure its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. The third signal was addressed to the region on the whole. Eastern Europe and the Wider Black Sea region are regions whose strategic importance in the recent past became evident for the whole world, while our discussions today  confirm the attention that is devoted to the region at an appropriate level,” stated Klaus Iohannis.

He noted that the summit was a success and he looks with confidence into the future, towards the next EPC Summit that will take place in Spain, where the progress in the processes launched at the summit in Moldova could be seen.

Asked by journalists how realistic the objective of Moldova joining the EU until 2030 is, Klaus Iohannis said that we should not have illusions as the accession negotiations are very complex from administrative viewpoint. “Sometimes, you have the impression that they would not end, but they are necessary for making sure that everyone is at the same level. I want a lot the accession negotiations to start within a year and for the purpose we help the administration in the Republic of Moldova to get ready for these negotiations. Surely, it depends on the progress made by the administration in Moldova and on how the taken steps are regarded in Brussels,” said the official.

He expressed his optimism, but said that it is hard to anticipate when an accession process can end, noting yet it can be completed in several years if everyone tries hard.

As regards the security issue and if Romania can ensure a security umbrella for Moldova in case of the escalation of the war in Ukraine, Klaus Iohannis said that Romania is a NATO member, while Moldova is a neutral state and he does not see ways of intervening militarily in a conflict, if only by training personnel of Moldova.

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