Kiril Moțpan: Confidential information is distributed on Telegram

MP of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPPDA) Kiril Moțpan said he recently made an inquiry to the Security and Intelligence Service (SIS) about obscure Telegram channels and was shortly subject “to an avalanche of insults and nebulous information”, IPN reports.

In a press briefing, Kiril Moțpan said a text presented as a new item that was distributed freely on Telegram channels aroused his suspicions as this makes reference to information related to the state secret. The MP wonders how it was possible for strictly confidential information to be disseminated.

He noted that at the end of September 2019, when he held the post of head of the commission on national security, defense and public order, two senior SIS officers who held important posts in the General Foreign Espionage Division asked for an audience. From them he learned that they worked for months under cover in Afghanistan to obtain the release of Moldovan hostages. But the operation was thwarted by Russia’s FSB that became involved in the operation in order to promote the image of Igor Dodon, who entered his election campaign.

As the two officers filed a complaint with accusations to the SIS, Kiril Moțpan said he had a discussion on the issue with SIS director Alexandr Esaulenko and was informed that the two officers resigned voluntarily. Later he found out that the officers sued the institution. He didn’t talk to someone else about this, but the information about his meeting with the officers was circulated freely on some Telegram channels.

“Secret and strictly secret information about details of foreign espionage work was disclosed abusively as the forms and methods of work and the identity of the two operatives and the sources are strictly secret and should be protected,” said the PPPDA MP.

Kiril Moțpan also said that a text about two officers and a crew member who suffered serious injuries when a helicopter crashed appeared on a Russian language website. Two weeks ago, he had a discussion with that crew member, who told him that without his will, he became “an important element in Dodon’s games”. In another posting, the name of one of the two officers is revealed. Another posting makes reference to recordings of the discussions held by MPs of the ACUM Bloc with a development partner. The MP presumes that his phone was wiretapped. According to unofficial sources, the information was disseminated by a SIS employee who reportedly resigned and works for a state institution.

Kiril Moțpan notified the Prosecutor General’s Office, which was already informed about such details, so that it hastens the examination of the complaints.

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