Kindergartens remain open through latest coronavirus restrictions

The latest decisions of the Extraordinary Commission for Public Health do not affect kindergartens, which will remain open despite a “code red” coronavirus alert being in place.

There are several considerations allowing kindergartens to continue as usual. “Preschoolers do not go to various public places as often as school children. Young children are better protected by their parents. The immunity of preschool children is not affected by various environmental factors, it is naturally strong. Also, the observance of the ventilation rules, the disinfection, the washing of the hands, the observance of the restrictions imposed in the kindergarten - parents or any other persons are not allowed to enter inside, all these factors have allowed kindergartens not to be affected by the restrictions imposed on schools and universities”, Lilia Corjița, director of Kindergarten no.4 in Straseni, told IPN.

ȚWe strictly follow the guidelines and framework regulations on the protection of COVID-19 in preschool institutions. Parents are not allowed inside the kindergarten, not even on its courtyard. Disinfection is carried out constantly, we wear a mask, and if the children develop symptoms, the parents are called immediately to take them home. So far, we haven’t had any sick children”, said Lilia Corjița.

“The parents have signed a declaration on their own responsibility, which says that they undertake to observe all the measures, according to the provisions of the COVID-19 pandemic control instructions. It says that the parents must not bring the child to kindergarten if he or she has a fever, if he or she has cold-like symptoms, such as coughing and others. The parents take the child’s temperature, the child’s temperature is also taken by the kindergarten as well”, explained Lilia Corjița.

At Kindergarten no.4 in Straseni, the staff is 100% vaccinated, which has been a requirement for the institution to start the school year in autumn. The kindergarten is attended by 130 children.

Starting Monday, schools across the country are going into a two-week lockdown. Most higher education institutions will remain in lockdown until at least February 20.


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