Janis Mazeiks: There are no immediate dangers to Moldova’s security

The Head of the EU Delegation in Chisinau Janis Mazeiks said that there are no dangers to Moldova’s security for now. According to the diplomat, the opinion belongs to representatives of the European Union and also to other international partners. The whole international community is making effort for the war in Ukraine not to spread to the Republic of Moldova, IPN reports.

Ambassador Janis Mazeiks expressed his regret at the fact that the international community didn’t manage to avoid a catastrophe in Ukraine by diplomatic ways. The EU’s priority is to avoid the expansion of the war outside Ukraine’s borders.

“There are particular limits as to what we can obtain by diplomatic ways. The European Union did its utmost to prevent a war in Ukraine and we continue working to make sure that this war does not spread to the Republic of Moldova. As everyone, we were impressed by the way in which the Moldovans hosted refugees. It is remarkable that most of the refugees were housed by host families. If r speak about solidarity, the Moldovans acted in a European way indeed. It is very important for the whole society to promote peace and stability,” Janis Mazeiks stated in the program “Expertise Hour” on JurnalTV channel.

The diplomat noted that there are no reasons for concern as to Moldova’s security. The management of the economic crisis generated by the war is the most serious challenge for the authorities. The EU will continue to support the Republic of Moldova by concrete projects to modernize the country and by budget support.

“There is no immediate danger to the security of the Republic of Moldova. This is an opinion shared not only by the Europeans, but also by our international partners and the authorities in Chisinau. At economic level, the Republic of Moldova has major challenges in front of it. It goes to the refugee crisis, the energy crisis. There are yet elements related to the pandemic. That’s why it is important for the Republic of Moldova to benefit from support from its international partners. It will be hard for Moldova to overcome these crises alone. Last year we managed to support the Republic of Moldova with a rapid budget of €60 million, which enabled the Government to offer subsidies for natural gas. This tendency will be kept as the situation will be difficult, unfortunately,” said Janis Mazeiks.

According to the European official, the Republic of Moldova can overcome the energy crisis in the short run by storing natural gas
and in the long run by making investments in energy efficiency. The European Union will offer expertise and financial support in both of the areas.

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