It’s clear that current Parliament is anti-people, veterans

Representatives of the Movement “Veterans’ Force” said the veterans came to the Government with strictly social, economic and cultural demands so that this ensures minimal conditions and access to the health system for those who fought for the country’s independence. The Government accepted only one demand, but Parliament annulled it later.

In a news conference at IPN, veteran Constantin Covrig said that nine months ago the veterans put forward a package of demands to the Government. A working group was set up to devise a set of legislative acts for improving the living conditions of veterans. The process was delayed and only one demand was ultimately accepted – to cover the price of the mandatory health insurance policy for veterans. The bill was adopted by Parliament, but didn’t teach the President for being promulgated as it was sent back to commissions. “It’s clear that the current Parliament is anti-veterans or anti-people to say it more exactly.  We, the veterans, are ordinary people. The only difference is that we fought for the independence of this country,” stated the veteran.

Veteran Dorel Roșca said the current government’s acts represent disrespect for the veterans. Moreover, the senior administration is trying by different methods to disperse them. “Dear veterans, as long as we are dispersed, we will never achieve results and this was proven on August 16. If we had brought together 4,000-5,000 people in the Great National Assembly Square, no rascal would have approached us to hit us. That’s why I call on you: be conscious and let’s combine forces and defend our rights now that we still have strength. Tomorrow it will be late,” stated Dorel Roșca.

Veteran Andrei Eremia said it’s regrettable that the veterans allow to be manipulated by different individuals who disseminate fakes. “Let’s wake up, dear veterans. Don’t yield to manipulation. Haven’t you yet realized that our state is rotten to the core? I would call our President a traitor who sells the state by pieces, but we maintain him with 36 million lei a year,” he noted.

The veterans also said that with such an anti-people Government that does not take care of the citizens, they have to formulate political demands and seek dismissals. No matter who comes to power, the veterans will always be in opposition and will demand to respect citizens’ rights. The veterans also said they keep an eye on the presidential elections of this November and will not allow violations to be committed.

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