Ion Munteanu: There is a risk supply of electricity will be halted. Vladimir Bolea: Gas should be paid

If the Moldovan authorities procure natural gas from alternative sources only for the right side of the Nistru, the supply of electrical energy can be halted, warn energy experts. According to them, even if the Republic of Moldova purchases electricity only from Ukraine, Tiraspol can boycott the process. For their part, representatives of the government said all the citizens, both those from the right side of the Nistru and those from the left side, should pay for each cubic meter of gas, IPN reports.

Energy experts said the absence of a new contract with Gazprom is dangerous for the Republic of Moldova as the provision of the country with electrical energy is also jeopardized given that the Kuchurgan Power Station that now works at reduced capacity on coal and can seize operations.

“If the goal is to punish the Republic of Moldova for changing the political course, this can be easily achieved. If a contract with Gazprom is not signed, the Republic of Moldova will have to procure gas from different sources. I doubt that those sources will be enough for both sides of the river. Even if the whole territory of the Republic of Moldova is provided with gas, I doubt that we will receive payments from the Transnistrian region for the gas supplied to it. Two blocks of the Kuchurgan Power Station already work on coal. If there is not enough natural gas, they will have to use coal that should also be bought. This is not advantageous to them,” Ion Muntean stated in the talk show “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel.

The expert warned that even if Chisinau can purchase electricity from Ukraine, Tiraspol has instruments to boycott this purchase.

“On the other hand, if we do not purchase electricity from Kuchurgan, we should already consider purchasing electrical energy from Ukraine. The scenario as regards the purchase of natural gas only for the territory controlled by the Moldovan authorities is risky as the self-styled Transnistrian authorities can boycott this act at any time and can stop the supply of power even if this comes from Ukraine given that several of the transmission lines go through the Transnistrian region,” said Ion Muntean.

The representatives of the government noted that the current energy crisis is a consequence of the inactivity of the former governments that allowed the country to depend on one source. PAS MP Vladimir Bolea said Chisinau does not intend to offer free natural gas to the Transnistrian region.

“During 30 years, they allowed the situation when the Republic of Moldova is fully dependent on the left side that it does not control from constitutional viewpoint. Do you imagine to what pressure the Republic of Moldova is subject in talks? The gas should be paid. Gas to the left side of the Nistru will be supplied for money only. We pay for gas monthly and those from the territory that is not controlled by the constitutional authorities should do the same,” stated Vladimir Bolea.

The state-owned enterprise Energocom and the Polish company PGNiG on October 25 signed a contract for a trial purchase of 1 million cubic meters of natural gas. The trial purchase is aimed at testing the capacity to import gas from alternative sources and at balancing pressure in the natural gas transportation system.  Aceasta este prima achiziție din surse alternativă din istoria Republicii Moldova. This is the first purchase of natural gas from alternative sources in the history of the Republic of Moldova.

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