Ion Iordachi: Romania is a bridge between business entities from Moldova and EU

Romania’s market is penetrated by Moldovan companies in the easiest way owing to the absence of linguistic barriers and to the existence of logistics. Romania is a bridge that ensures connection between business entities from the Republic of Moldova and those from other countries of the EU, Ion Iordachi, director of the Investment Agency “Invest Moldova”, stated in a public debate hosted by IPN.

“We benefit from the infrastructure existing there. From Romania, it is easier to export to other countries of the EU. Therefore, we will have a targeted program for exporters, which will be launched in September, and we will go and ask to raise the export volumes. The consumers in Romania approve of the products made in the Republic of Moldova. We benefit from those logistics chains that are over the Prut. Romania’s market is the most accessible one for the Republic of Moldova,” stated Ion Iordachi.

The director of “Invest Moldova” noted that Romania invests in all the key areas of the Republic of Moldova. “The IT sector, from the viewpoint of the investment offers, is very favorable. We also have good areas for investments, such as the banking sector, textiles market houses, etc. Romania invests practically in all the areas that are developed in Moldova. The investments from Romania, beside infrastructure and regional development, cover all the areas. Romania helps the Republic of Moldova to align itself to the EU standards,” said Ion Iordachi.

He noted that the cooperation relations between Romania and Moldova are essential. Romania’s market of 25 million consumers stimulates the development of both sides of the Prut. There are contacts between the Romanian and Moldovan business entities. They export and the money is put into circulation, which is important for everyone.

Ion Iordachi said the Romanian companies choose to invest in Moldova also because they can find the necessary labor market during a short period of time here. “There is an IT company that expanded to Chisinau. The speed of identifying a specialist in the Republic of Moldova is of a month. In Cluj, for example, this period is of two months and up. Respectively, this contributes to employing our specialists here, at home. A potential investor, when this comes to the Republic of Moldova, has to do a lot of calculations. We recommend going to the Investors Association so as to see once again the advantages of the decision to invest in the Republic of Moldova. We always try to be credible for potential investors and show real stories, success stories to them,” stated the Investment Agency’s director, noting that a number of events are staged to ensure the economic integration of the two banks of the Prut and better bilateral economic cooperation.

The public debate entitled “Moldovan-Romanian economic cooperation, strategic partnership on the way to European integration” was staged within the framework of the project “Double integration through cooperation and information”, which is implemented by IPN News Agency with support from the Department for Relations with the Republic of Moldova of the Government of Romania.

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