In Chisinau, Bucharest has many things to analyze coldly, opinion

The Republic of Moldova has entered a critical period for its existence because the proximity of the government in Chisinau to Brussels annoys Moscow, Iulian Fota, former presidential adviser and former secretary of state for strategic affairs in the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated in an interview for the Bucharest media, IPN reports.

Under these circumstances, “what can Bucharest do? Here, as far as I can see, the people are a little bit confused”, the former dignitary said ironically. Like many experts, he warns that “Russia is trying to make Gagauzia a new “Transnistria” in the same scenario as in the 1990s, and the pro-Russian electoral political block “Victory” whose leader is the fugitive and head of the organized criminal group, Ilan Shor, announced that it aims to win the presidential and parliamentary elections. If they succeed in this, the Republic of Moldova would be blocked from joining the EU.”

“If the Russians fail to get the most important political role through a victory in both this year’s presidential election and next year’s parliamentary election, I think it is possible that they will use the break-up of the Republic of Moldova as an alternative scenario,” said Iulian Fota.

Besides the secessionist platform in the south of Moldova, “the Russians also have the opportunity and the resources to transform the Balti area into another piece of the Republic of Moldova which can break away. So, if they fail to take power in Chisinau and stop the rapprochement with the European Union through a political decision, they will stop or slow down even more Chisinau’s rapprochement with Brussels through these more and more visible secessionist platforms. The Republic of Moldova has therefore entered a critical period for its existence as a sovereign state and for its Europeanization.”

Considering that the world has no doubts about Russia’s expansionist intentions in the Republic of Moldova, the expert noted that “some of our politicians and some of the important people, even with positions, are flirting and developing all kinds of intimate relationships with all kinds of Russian people from the Republic of Moldova. Bucharest has many things to analyze coldly, to clarify and establish as future practice, because in Moldova perhaps the most important battle for its future has begun and is already taking place before our eyes.”

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