Igor Klipii: It is not right to have separate solutions for Transnistrian region and Gagauzia in European integration process

The European Political Community Summit of June 1 will draw attention to the Republic of Moldova and it is evident that the Transnistrian conflict will attract attention from the international press and European politicians who will inquiry about the way in which the Moldovan authorities want to resolve the Transnistrian dispute, which is an indispensable condition for the integration into the EU. In this regard, Moldova should join the EU unified and the authorities should make sure that all the conditions put forward by the EU are met both in the Transnistrian region and also in Gagauzia, secretary general of the Coalition for Unity and Wellbeing (CUB) Igor Klipii stated in a public debate hosted by IPN.

“It is not right to have separate solutions for Transnistria, Gagauzia, the Republic of Moldova, the LPAs, etc. We should have a very clear state development concept that would include all the segments. If we follow the road of integration into the EU, it is logical to impose it also on those from Transnistria. Why do we allow political detainees, persons who are held in inhuman conditions, to exist there? The Transnistrian issue should be discussed in a correct, but clear manner,” said Igor Klipii.

According to him, the separatist Transnistrian regime should be treated as such by the Moldovan constitutional authorities. “They should be treated like a source of instability in the Republic of Moldova. They are an anti-constitutional regime. I refer to the regime in Transnistria, to persons with European nationality who take the capital out of the Republic of Moldova, to the West as well, not only to the East. We need to have a categorical and clear approach in the cooperation with Romania, which is a NATO country, and with Ukraine, which expressed its readiness to help the Republic of Moldova solve this issue. Even if earlier, under other political regimes, Ukraine contributed to this conflict, now they are in the same situation as we were in the 1990s and are ready to help us,” he stated.

Igor Klipii also said that if Ukraine resists the Russian aggression, this separatist, Soviet, totalitarian enclave does not have any future. The task of the constitutional authorities and not only is to design a concept for solving the problem. All the political parties in the Republic of Moldova should agree clear decisions and principles for eliminating separatism from the left side of the Nistru. The 1 to 1 dialogue method is definitely incorrect. The absence of a clear message, of a goal in these negotiations is a fundamental mistake. During 32 years, negotiations have been held in the absence of a clear conflict settlement formula. The negotiations can last for tens of years if the respective formula is not found.

The CUB secretary general concluded with a message to the Moldovan political class. “If some of the parties prefer to remain in power than to find a solution to this problem, we will negotiate a solution for 20-30 years more. It is important to reach concrete solutions to particular problems at internal level, to have a country project. This implies the fulfillment of the EU conditionality, transparence, democracy, market economy, human rights, etc. If we implement this in an equal manner for each citizen, we have the chance to reach a clear view about the Republic of Moldova’s future,” stated Igor Klipii.

The public debate entitled “European Political Community Summit: responsibilities and opportunities for political class” was the first installment of IPN’s project “Support for European Integration by stimulating discussion in the mass media about the organization of the European Political Community (EPC) Summit in Moldova” that is supported by Soros Foundation Moldova.

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