Igor Grosu: We were ready to assume responsibility

Today, it was confirmed that Parliament does not think about the country or the people, Igor Grosu, who was nominated for premiership, stated in a press briefing after the vote on the Grosu Government could not be held because a quorum was not present, IPN reports.

“The last few days weren’t at all easy for me even if I know that the snap elections are the only possibility for cleaning Parliament. However, realizing the serious situation in the country, I and my colleagues were ready to assume responsibility,” stated Igor Grosu.

According to him, today most of the MPs showed that they do not think about the welfare of the people. This majority had the own government that poorly managed the pandemic, tolerated corruption, party switching and robbery and was involved in different schemes. The same majority removed the own government, saying that they want snap elections and there should be an interim government. When the possibility of voting in a responsible government appeared, it gave up.

Igor Grosu also said that this Parliament cannot handle the crises experienced by Moldova, cannot ensure a real majority that would support a government, no matter what kind of, and cannot secure support for the economy and fight corruption and thieves. “The position of the PAS remained the same: forces must be combined to handle the pandemic crisis and organize snap elections so as to clear Parliament of thieves,” said the PAS MP.

A lack of quorum was ascertained in Parliament after the MPs of the Party of Socialists and the For Moldova platform, which includes the MPs of the Shor Party, left the assembly hall. They said they do not want to take part in the examination of the government program and the Cabinet proposed by candidate for Prime Minister Igor Grosu. Speaker Zinaida Grechanyi said the subject concerning the voting in of the Grosu Government is considered dealt with. This is the second attempt to vote in the Government. Under the law, after it Parliament is dissolved and snap parliamentary elections are called.

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