Igor Boțan: Science should be at forefront and should be popularized

Expert Igor Boțan said science should be at the forefront when dealing with such problems as the novel coronavirus and it should be popularized. Intellectuals and upper grade students can be involved in the process of popularizing scientific researches on COVID-19 so that they explain the gravity of the infection to the categories of people who do not believe in the existence of the novel coronavirus.

In the public debate “Who is afraid of COVID-19 and why”, which was staged by IPN News Agency, the expert said another measure that should be taken to prevent the spread of infection is to restore the normal relations of cooperation in the fight against COVID-19 between the state and the church. “The Government should attract the church on its side as an ally in the fight against COVID-19. This refers primarily to the work with the incredulous persons, who constitute about 1/3 of the population. They believe in what the church says, but the church convinced itself that this disease is dangerous. Cases of death and infection were reported among priests too,” stated Igor Boțan.

He noted that the church has reasons to change its attitude, while the dialogue between it and the Government should not be like that in May. Then the church was right when it asked why it wasn’t invited to the dialogue.

Another measure is related to the role of the national TV channel that is financed with public funds. This could broadcast programs, including with the involvement of persons who experienced the ordeal of infection. “There are many cases and those patients who want to speak before video cameras should be invited to tell the people what they went through,” said Igor Boțan

He also said that the police and other ascertaining agents should be more vigilant and should impose punishment when the people disobey the protection measures. “The fine should not be as heavy as to make the people poor, but it should be large enough for the people to realize that this is not a joker or a game.”
The debate “Who is afraid of COVID-19 and why” was the 149th installment of the debates project “Developing political culture through public debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany.

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