Igor Boțan: I’m optimistic that nuclear weapon will not be used

The Kremlin will not resort to the use of the nuclear weapon even if the Russian propaganda daily insists on such a development in the war in Ukraine, expert Igor Boțan stated in IPN’s public debate “The War and the Planet”. According to him, in its public stance on the Ukraine war, China categorically rejected the use of the nuclear weapon, but Russia banks on the support of the Beijing when it does not have other allies.

he permanent expert of IPN’s project said the attacking of Ukraine with thousands of rockets that are propelled by using extremely noxious substances represents a disaster for the life and health of people and also for the environment. Environmental experts should thoroughly examine the rocket fragments that fell on Moldova’s territory so as to determine their harmfulness for the environment and the health of locals.

“We do not know what substances are used to propel the rockets with which the whole territory of Ukraine is attacked and this is dangerous. It goes to thousands or tens of thousands of such rockets. What we know for sure from statistics is that cancer incidence in Baikonur region of Kazakhstan, from where the rockets are launched, is abnormally high. This shows the substances used in the propulsion of rockets is very toxic. Analyses should be carried out to determine what substances poison the area and doctors should later follow the state of health of the population in those areas. Fragments of four rockets fell on our territory and our specialists should examine these to see what noxious substances could have been used,” stated Igor Boțan.

According to him, it is highly imorobable that Russia will use nuclear weapons in the war in Ukraine even if the Russian propaganda insists on such a development.

“I’m optimistic that the nuclear weapon will not be used.  But we see the Russian propaganda going mad. It daily attacks Washington, London, Paris, Berlin either with strategic weapons or with tactical weapons and this is absurd craziness. In Ukraine, the Russian propaganda insists on the use of tactical weapons that, from the viewpoint of the war strategy that they do not have, will not produce a big effect as the tactical nuclear weapon has an effect on an area of several tens of kilometers,” said the expert.

Several days ago, China presented its position on the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis, calling on the sides to resume the dialogue and rejecting any attempt to resort to the use of nuclear weapons. Igor Boțan said the probability that Russia will use the nuclear weapon after this stance of China is rather low.

“China said it clearly that the use of nuclear weapons is inadmissible, while Russia banks a lot on China’s support. For now China helps Russia by lessening the sanctions imposed by the West. But China has a very big interest as, through the developments, Russia becomes a kind of appendix with natural resources for China. However, China says NO to nuclear weapons. This was also stated last year, when President Xi met with President Biden and the message was very clear: the use of nuclear weapons should no way be allowed. As, if tactical nuclear weapons are used in Ukraine, Pandora’s box will be opened and this can generate provocations between India and Pakistan, between Iran and Israel etc. It will be absolute craziness,” noted the expert.

The public debate entitled “The War and the Planet” was the 275th installment of IPN’s project “Developing Political Culture through Public Debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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