Igor Boțan about situation in Kazakhstan: Consequences are depressing

In order to avoid a scenario similar to that in Kazakhstan, the Republic of Moldova should strengthen its security and should come closer to the European community, expert Igor Boțan stated in a public debate hosted by IPN. He said the Republic of Moldova has no other alternative than to become a predictable state and to attract the sympathies of the great international players that will offer it protection and economic development possibilities, IPN reports.

According to the standing expert of IPN’s project “Developing Political Culture through Public Debates”, the developments in Kazakhstan should be a lesson for the Moldovan authorities too and should make them find solutions for strengthening Moldova’s security. Such an exercise can be done by systemic reforms that will bring Moldova closer to the European system of values.

“The security of the Republic of Moldova can be ensured by bringing it closer to the European area, by integrating it into the European space so that it qualifies for being accepted into the European community. Such a small country as the Republic of Moldova in such an equation should be consistent and should clearly shape its interests. The big potential of the Republic of Moldova, if it has a predictable behavior, is to attract the sympathies of the great players. This way the Republic of Moldova’s security can be guaranteed better than by military forces,” stated Igor Boțan.

He anticipated that the situation in Kazakhstan will have unfavorable effects when the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev says the violent revolts in his country are a coup attempt. The presence of the military contingent of the Collective Security Treaty Organization generates suspicions and concerns.

“The consequences are distressing. If it is a struggle of clans in Kazakhstan, why should foreign armed forces be introduced into this struggle? It is worrisome when a head of state says that his country made gifts to former Soviet republics and can claim them back anytime. In Kazakhstan, they needed the whole terrorist legend to justify the introduction of forces of the Collective Security Treaty Organization. President Tokayev spoke about this in his address to the Kazakh nation in which he made reference to 20,000 terrorists. Later, experts drew attention to the fact that President Tokayev’s posting was removed. This shows the situation develops swiftly and the Kazakh authorities do not manage to arrange things in a logical manner,” stated Igor Boțan.

The public debater “Situation in Kazakhstan: Echoes up to Moldova” is the 221st installment of the series “Developing Political Culture through Public Debates”. IPN’s project is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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