I ask foreign partners not to tolerate illegal actions of a political party, Andrei Năstase

Andrei Năstase called on the foreign partners not to tolerate the illegal actions of a political party or a stubborn person, who insists on holding the referendum simultaneously with the presidential election. “I ask the foreign partners to assess with great attention and care the enormous risks that not only political and social consensus, but also the necessary electoral threshold will not be reached, and our European path will be compromised by some temporary politicians,” Andrei Năstase said in a public appeal launched today.

In a news conference staged by IPN, Andrei Năstase said that the government, which hasn’t achieved results, although it made promises, risks compromising the European future of the Moldovans only to achieve its petty political goals. “I understand that you are panicked because you know that you do not have results over your electoral promises and you will lose the elections one day, but do not set fire to the house as, sooner or later, the citizens will punish you, as they punished your predecessors,” stated Andrei Năstase.

His proposal is that the referendum should be organized when there is certainty that not only the legal threshold, but also a national political and social consensus can be achieved. “I’m ready to support a referendum organized constitutionally, legally. I’m ready to promote it massively and I’m sure that most of the parties, including the center-left ones, can be convinced to do this if the referendum is organized honestly in the interests of the people and the country and not as an element of electoral fraud in the personal interests of an individual and the political force of this,” noted Andrei Năstase.

According to him, the whims of an irresponsible person can no longer be tolerated. The security costs of such a failure would increase exponentially. “At the same time, I ask the foreign partners not to allow any abuse by the ruling regime, such as the mathematical tricks they are preparing to the detriment of democracy based on the principle “the end justifies the means”. It would be undemocratic, unconstitutional and deeply immoral, with extremely serious consequences for the future of the people and the country. The foreign partners must support the citizens of Moldova and their future and not tolerate the illegal actions of a political party or a stubborn person,” said Andrei Nastase.

He called on the foreign partners to urgently have meetings with the entire democratic, anti-oligarchic extraparliamentary opposition, to monitor the way freedom of expression and information works under the current regime. He also asked for access to public television, supported by the enormous contributions of the entire population and not by the money of the leaders of the current government.

“Citizens, if those who are in power fail in this democratic exercise, they will leave the country with bags full of money, just like Plahotniuc and his entourage did. We, the normal and upright people of the country, will have to stay here and resume our work and our struggle from the beginning. We have nowhere to go. Here is our past, present and future. Independent and European Moldova in the first place,” said Andrei Năstase.

Note: IPN Agency offers the right of reply to persons who consider themselves targeted in the news items produced based on the statements of the organizers of this press conference, including by facilitating the organization of another press conference under similar conditions.

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