Historians: We are a society where affinity for EU dominates

The pro-European and pro-Romanian segment won a victory on May 9. The number of people who celebrated Europe Day was higher than the number of those who marked Victory Day, said historians Octavian Țîcu and Andrei Kushko, according to whom Moldova proved once again that it is mostly pro-European. The historians also said that the marches organized by pro-Russian parties in Chisinau demonstrated that the pro-Kremlin forces are divided and are not capable of strengthening society, IPN notes.

Octavian Țîcu said that Europe Day, which was marked in the center of Chisinau, proved that most of the Moldovan citizens aspire to a European future. The pro-Russian forces failed to demonstrate unity and the number of those who identify with the Russian world has decreased in Moldova.

“The pro-European and pro-Romanian side won a victory. Even if it seemed that there were many people, they were few. Secondly, this hysteria betrays the frustration of those who identify with the Russian world in the Republic of Moldova. It’s clear that there are people waiting for Putin to come, but they are not that many in number. Both the Socialists and the Communists and also various parties of Shor failed to show a picture of unity of the Russian world in the Republic of Moldova. Image-wise, this day didn't look as depressing as it did a few years ago. Now we need to see how we can unite this pro-European flank. After all, we are a pro-European society in which affinity for the EU dominates,” Octavian Țîcu stated in the talk show “Good Evening” on the public television channel.

For his part, Andrei Kushko said that the will of Moldova’s citizens to integrate into the European Union is visible and clear to the whole of Europe. According to the historian, the EU’s perception of Moldova has changed considerably in recent years.

“The perception of the Republic of Moldova’s course has changed, including in Romania and in the European Union in general. We saw this from Johannes Hahn’s speech. There is a consensus that Moldova has a European future and the government’s successes are visible especially in the field of external presentation of Moldova’s desire to integrate into the European Union. The perception of the Republic of Moldova has changed compared to a few years ago. If we look at our close neighborhood, Romania, we see that things are not very good there either. In Romania, too, there are forces that want to derail the European project. Currently, a war n for people’s minds as much as for territories is going on,” said Romanian historian Andrei Kushko.

Yesterday, thousands of people marked Europe Day in the Great National Assembly Square of Chisinau. The event started with speeches by President Maia Sandu and European Commissioner for Budget and Administration Johannes Hahn. Subsequently, the citizens had the opportunity to discuss with members of the Cabinet. Europe Day culminated with a concert that involved Christopher Aldea-Teodorovici & Orchestra, The Urs, Calancea’s Wolves, “Hecenii” Ensemble and Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra - the winner of Eurovision 2022.

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